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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film



We have strong representation from QMUL at NWAV46 this week:

Devyani Sharma is giving two papers:

"Scales of indexicality: How biography and migration create social meaning."

"Attentional load and style control" (with Kathleen McCarthy)

Erez Levon is presenting:

"The jet set: Articulatory setting and the shifting vowel system of London English" (with Sophie Holmes-Elliott)

And two PhD students are presenting:

  • Nathan Young, presents two papers:

"'Boy vi alltid hundra*' - Comparing 'MAT and PAT' replications between Danish and Swedish multiethnolects."

"Introducing NordFA: Forced alignment of Nordic languages." (with Michael McGarrah)

  • Shivonne Gates is giving a poster presentation:

"Why the long FACE?: Ethnic stratification and language variation in a multi-ethnic secondary school."