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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Publications so far in 2017

In addition to our recent conference successes, linguists at QMUL have been busy publishing, with new papers from Linnaea Stockall, Coppe van Urk, and Hazel Pearson among others.


Jenny Cheshire, David Hall, and David Adger:

  • Cheshire, Jenny, Hall, David, and Adger, David. (2017) Multicultural London English and social and educational policies. MEITS Policy Papers. doi:10.17863/CAM.9804

Hazel Pearson:

Linnaea Stockall:

  • Lazaridou-Chatzigoga, Dimitra, Stockall, Linnaea and Katsos, Napoleon. (2017) A new look at the Generic Overgeneralisation effect. Inquiry. 60(1-2): 1-27. 

Coppe van Urk:

  • van Urk, Coppe. (accepted) Pronoun copying in Dinka Bor and the Copy Theory of Movement. Natural Language & Linguistic Theory.

Christos Vlachos:

  • Chiou, Michalis and Vlachos, Christos. (2017) The pragmatics of wh-in situ questions in Greek, Studies in Greek Linguistics. 37: 201-212.
  • Vlachos, Christos. Mod(aliti)es of lifting wh-questions. Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Greek Linguistics