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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

PhD students organise multidisciplinary conferences and events


This term five linguistics PhD students have organised conferences and events at Queen Mary that go beyond linguistics in scope.

At the start of January, Matthew Hunt and Louis Strange (with help from PhD graduate Fryni Panayidou) organised "Is it just me?", a panel discussion on mental health and the PhD experience. More information available here.

In April, Adrian Yip and Songyan Du (with advice from faculty Agnieszka Lyons) organised "AMiM 2019", a one-day symposium on multimodality in the media. More information available here.

And in June, Elvis Coimbra Gomes organised "OCD in Society: Making Sense of a Hidden Illness", bringing together OCD sufferers, psychotherapists, artists, and charities with scholars from the humanities and social sciences to think about the different ways that OCD is understood in our society. More information available here.