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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Ms Natalia Zajaczkowska


Teaching Fellow

Room Number: Bancroft 1.29


With a specialisation centred on language education and literature, Natalia’s PhD thesis explores contemporary female migrant literature through the prism of place and identity. Her interests revolve around a wider examination of the processes in which complex social roles and restraints have impacted countless women across generations and cultures. She also explores how texts can equip individuals with language tools beyond traditional approaches and methodologies while conducting various Academic English courses at Queen Mary University of London since 2018.


  • IFJ6000 English Language and Study Skills
  • IFJ6011 Research Methods in HSS
  • IFJ6012 HSS Independent Research Project
  • Pre-Sessional English Courses, STEM Pathway
  • SEF030 Communication in Science and Technology
  • EAL4710 Reading and Writing Critically – a cluster leader
  • EAL4203 Active Learning with New and Emergent Technologies
  • EAL6202 Technical Writing for the Global Workplace
  • EAL4630 Structuring Arguments and Avoiding Plagiarism


Research Interests:

Natalia is a PhD candidate at SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, Poland. Her thesis title is “From and around London: a study of contemporary ethnic literature through the prism of place and identity”.

Natalia engages herself in practice through research and active exchange of ideas at QMUL. She presented the following studies at the Language Centre Learning and Teaching Conferences: “Addressing Bias in Student Writing Online” and “Needs, motivation, expectations of L2 students on in-sessional programmes”.

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