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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Mr Ivo Ganchev, PhD Researcher (Peking), MSc (LSE), BA (Newcastle)


Associate Lecturer

Room Number: FB1.30, Bancroft Building


Ivo Ganchev is Associate Lecturer at Queen Mary University of London and doctoral candidate in Comparative Political Systems at Peking University; he specialises in theory building and Chinese foreign policy. Ivo was educated at the London School of Economics, Newcastle University, Nanjing University and Hainan University. He divides his time between London and Beijing, where he engages in teaching, research, music performance and consultancy.

Ivo holds awards for Chinese language skills (3), consultancy (1), English teaching methodology (1) and Photography (1). Apart from English, Ivo speaks French, Bulgarian, Russian and Chinese; he is currently studying Spanish. Ivo has formerly worked as a rock band frontman, public speaker, university tutor (postgraduate), freelance consultant to UK businesses, Chinese-English translator, and tour guide.

He is available for media commentary, public talks and consultancy – feel free to contact him via Linkedin - Ivo Ganchev (伊夫), or by e-mail. Ivo has held public talks at various venues around the UK, including UK Trade and Investment, Newcastle University Confucius Institute, Queen Mary University of London.

A 2012 EP by his former rock band, Spacelaw, is available for streaming at Ivo has notably performed on BBC 4, Bulgarian National Television, Radio Z-Rock and at various provincial Chinese New Year celebrations.


Research Interests:

Research Interests: Chinese foreign policy, China – Latin America relations, geopolitics, pre-1919 International Relations Theory, cross-paradigm theoretical frameworks, interstate anarchies and hierarchies, ancient Chinese thought.


Until 2016, Ivo worked as a Chinese-to-English translator of magazine articles and literary texts; many of his translations have appeared in media outlets under the original names of their Chinese authors. Most notably, he translated the award-winning documentary novel Yingxiu: After the Earthquake (in press; 《和春天一起来到映秀》) by Guo Yanli (郭严隶).

Ivo is currently revising two theoretical journal articles: 1) ‘A Blend of Past, Present and Future: Locating “Chinese” Theory between Traditions of International Relations;’ and 2) ‘Back to the Future (of IR Theory)? From Anarchy and Hierarchy to a “3-D Power Grid” in the Works of Mackinder, DuBois and Angell.’ His long-term research commitments are divided between two projects: a) his doctoral research on China’s relations with the Andes region (Latin America); b) the establishment of a theoretical framework for integrating existing IR theories.