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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Frequently Asked Questions

The modules fall into two categories: credit-bearing and non credit-bearing study only modules. The only credit bearing modules are the ones offered for Associate students, which are EAL4750 Engaging Critically with Writing, EAL4760 Exploring Spoken English, and EAL5600 Morphology of British Culture. All other modules are study only. Nevertheless, all modules do appear on transcripts.

All QMUL and Barts students are eligible to take these modules. The writing, proofreading, presenting, reading, and listening modules are suitable for both British and International students.  The Grammar in Context and English in Social  Settings modules are designed for International students, whose first language is not English. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students attend and benefit from Insessional modules.

Not usually. Some students may be required to take them by their academic advisor or tutors, to improve their performance, or as part of their conditions of offer.. 

Attendance is not mandatory on most Insessional modules as these are study-only. However, students are encouraged to attend regularly and arrive punctually for all classes in order to gain maximum benefit.

The classes will be workshop-based and the emphasis is on interaction both between the tutor and members of the class and between the class members themselves. You will have two class hours per week for each module you book. In addition, you may be expected to complete assignments and carry out independent study in your own time on a weekly basis.

There is no formal assessment on the Non-credit bearing Insessional modules as these are study-only modules. 

You will receive feedback on all work that is submitted. You are expected to read the feedback carefully and to ask the tutor for further clarification if anything is unclear. Understanding and acting on feedback will lead to improvements over the course of the semester. Students on all Insessional modules, who attend at least 50% of the classes will receive formal written feedback from their teachers.  This will be available after the end of the term via MySIS.

Registration is exclusively online, via MySIS. An announcement is sent out to all students when registration opens.  From your MySIS home screen, click on Insessional Course Bookings. Then follow the links through to get information on each module and details of times/days offered. Choose the classes that suit you and your timetable.  Only available classes will show. If you want advice on the best types of courses to follow, or wish to have an informal discussion of the suitability of courses available, you can email Dr. Saima Sherazi, Insessional Programme Convenor, or come to School Office in the ArtsOne Building, room 1.08. 

If, for whatever reason, you decide you no longer wish to attend the Insessional module(s) you booked, just go back into the Insessional Course Booking task in MySIS and follow instructions there. That will leave your place open for another student who would like to take the class.

No. There are only a certain number of places in each class. Once the class is fully booked, it is no longer visible in the course booking task in MySIS. If it's not there, it's full.  If someone cancels their booking, the class will reappear on the list.

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