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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Employability modules

In today's workplace, narrative skills are imperative, and storytelling is at the heart of this. Stories enable us to communicate our message, explain complexities, bring ideas alive, navigate new experiences and even shape change. A good story might swing that job interview or make that personal statement stand out. This module is designed for all students to help them find and shape their own stories. It teaches the tools of storytelling and the secrets of story structure. You’ll see how stories work in a business context, how to bring data alive and how to create digital stories to engage your audience.

 Key words: story, narrative, job interview

Planning to work abroad or in a multinational corporation? Learning the language, customs and culture is key but intercultural competence involves delving deeper. This module is designed to equip you with the skills to operate effectively in cross-cultural environments, looking at both verbal and non-verbal communication, at the deep values cultures are based upon and how these are reflected in anything from how people dress, the way they talk and behave, to the way they do business. Both undergraduates and postgraduates from every discipline are welcome to join this course. 

Key words: communication, culture shock, values 

Do you want to work in an international setting in the UK or abroad? Or perhaps you have already worked as a part of an international team? This course will show you how to write effective emails, letters, and reports in a variety of different contexts. You’ll see how diverse cultures operate in business, and how your own assumptions and attitudes may either help or hinder communication in professional context. You will also have a chance to examine what is important for companies while using social media to reach wider audiences and how to make sure that your content is successful.  This module is suitable for all students across various disciplines.

Key words: persuasive writing, communication, culture  

Professionals working in multilingual settings often fail to communicate effectively because they assume that colleagues share the same understanding of technical writing conventions. This is not the case. This module was designed for students who are doing their bachelor's or master's in Science and Engineering disciplines and wish to hone their technical writing skills. You'll see how the style and content of technical writing changes depending on why you are writing and who you are writing for. You will also learn how to conduct a job search and create professional portfolios to better compete for jobs in your fields.

Key words: technical writing, employability, transferable skills

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