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Wing Chun Workshop

Date: Friday 4th October

Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm

Venue: Q-Motion, Mile End, London E1 4NS

Price: FREE


Date: Friday 4th October

Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm

Venue: Q-Motion, Mile End, London E1 4NS


The workshop will include:

1.Warm ups using Wing Chun postures

2.Avoiding confrontation and reactive response to physical attack

3.Confidence and proactive response to physical attack. 

4.Gunn stick practice to increase strength and flow.

5.Wing Chun Warm down breathing exercises and stretching.


Ma Dong Lei bio- A  brief history:

Ma Dong Lei Wing Chun is one of the last remaining lineages directly linking to Yip Man himself, who is famously known as Bruce Lee’s first teacher and the character played by Donnie Yen in the ‘Ip Man’ movies.

One of Yip Man’s most valued representatives was Master Lee Shing, who was taught the entire philosophy of Yip Man’s Wing Chun. This precious knowledge also came with a responsibility to pass it on to others, and after moving to Europe; Lee Shing started the very first Wing Chun school in Europe and became the U.K and European President of the ‘Yip Man Martial Arts Association’. Lee Shing can be credited for introducing IP Man’s Wing Chun into the UK and Europe.

Lee Shing’s 7th student was Joseph Man, who was privileged to receive the full teachings of Lee Shing’s knowledge, and went on to start his own organisation which was given the name; ‘Jun Mo’. He also received a set of special scrolls (written by Yip Chun himself) officially granting Master Joseph Man with the responsibility of spreading the teachings and philosophy of Yip Man’s precious knowledge to the world.

Master Joseph Man taught many people during his lifetime, and he gave one of his most dedicated and talented students the name: Sifu Ma Dong Lei, who now has over 35 years knowledge under his belt and is a lucky beneficiary of Master Joseph Man’s full teachings. In the last year of Master Joseph Man’s life, Sifu Ma Dong Lei was granted the responsibility of teaching the Art of Wing Chun. Master Joseph Man stipulated that this should be done with modern methods of teaching to reach out to as many new students as possible.

In 2018, Sifu Ma Dong Lei started his own organisation called: ‘Ma Dong Lei Wing Chun Association’ to continue the teachings that have been handed down to him so purely and precisely. His mission is to spread these teachings far and wide to help promote mental and physical fitness, awareness, confidence and self defence through Martial Art using methods not previously used within this lineage.

To Learn Ma Dong Lei Wing Chun is a rare opportunity to start your own path into the art, in one of its purest and deepest forms.

The purpose of basic self-defense programme is to help you to achieve confidence, health & circulation promotion, increased flexibility, and strength and basic skills. The programme will be based upon present activity/exercise levels and the goals participants wish to achieve. Breathing and heart rate will increase as a result of these activities. All activities will be explained and demonstrated.but please feel free to ask questions  at the end of the class.

Sessions are designed to minimize the risks whilst providing an effective exercise/activity programme. During the sessions the participant will be closely supervised.

This event has very limited capacity so if you would like to attend then please email 

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