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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Midsummer Night Chinese Music Concert

Date: Wed, June 6, 2018

Time: 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM 

Venue: St Benet's Chaplaincy QMUL

Tickets can be booked here


The QMUL Confucius Institute will be celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival with a Midsummer Night Chinese Music Concert with guest musicians from the UK Chinese Music Ensemble and London Youlan Qin Society.


The concert will include:

1. 古琴合奏 Guqin Ensemble (7-stringed zither)

秋风词 Ode to the Autumn Wind (Donggao Qin score, early Qing (1644-1911) period)

酒狂 Drunken Ecstasy (Shenqi Mipu, 1425)

By 伦敦幽兰琴社 London Youlan Qin Society: 程玉 Cheng Yu, 徐永裕 Charles Tsua, 余宁 Elaine Yu, 王嘉禾 Wang Jiahe, Desiree Victoria, 刘梦林 Liu Menglin (xiao)

2. 二胡独奏 Erhu solo (2-stringed fiddle)

二泉映月 The Moon Reflected in the Second Spring (Ah Bing, 1949)

赛马 Galloping Horse (Huang Haihe, 1978)

By 王潇 Wang Xiao

3. 古琴独奏 Guqin solo (7-stringed zither)

孔子读易 Confucius Reads the Book of Change (Tian Wenhe score, 1845)

流水 Flowing Water (based on Shenqi Mipu score, 1425)

By 徐永裕 Xu Yongyu

4. 葫芦丝独奏 Gourd Wind Solo

月光下的凤尾竹 Fern-Leaf Bamboo under the Moonlight (Shi Guangnan, 1981)

By 刘梦林 Liu Menglin

5. 古筝独奏 Guzheng solo (21-stringed zither)

渔舟唱晚 Fishman's Song at the Sunset (Lou Shuhua, 1938)

丰收锣鼓 Harvest Celebration (Peng Xiuwen, 1972)

By 王嘉禾 Wang Jiahe

6. 琴与箫 Qin & Xiao

梅花三弄 Three Variations on Plus Blossom (Shenqi Mipu, 1425)

By 程玉 Cheng Yu (qin) and 刘梦林 Liu Menglin

7. 笛子独奏 Dizi solo (bamboo flute)

姑苏行 Journey to Gusu (Wang Changyuan, 1984)

By 刘梦林 Liu Menglin

8. 琵琶独奏 Pipa solo (4-stringed lute)

龙船 Dragon Boat (Trad.)

天山之春 Spring TIme at Tianshan Mountains (Wang Fandi, 1980)

By 程玉 Cheng Yu

9. 丝竹小合奏 The Ensemble

夕阳箫鼓 Flute and Drum at Sunset (Trad., Civil Style, Ju Shilin pipa score, 1790)

瑶族舞曲 Dance of the Yao People (Liu Tueshan, 1976)


We are looking forward to sharing the beauty of Chinese music with you!



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