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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Chinese Paper folding workshop

We will be hosting Chinese paintingclasses on the following dates:

  • Date: Tuesday 26th February 2019 6.00pm- 8.00pm

      Aimed at beginners who are keen to learn the art of Chinese paper cutting, through easy-to-follow instructions everyone creates a piece of their own to take away!

Chinese paper folding is an art form known as 折纸 (pronounced as ‘zhe zhi’), a term which may be literally translated as ‘folding paper’.

Traditional Chinese paper folding concentrates mainly on objects like boats or hats rather than the animals and flowers of Japanese origami. Paper was first invented by Cai Lun during the Eastern Han Dynasty era. In the 6th century,

Venue: Bancroft Building Room 3.17 Mile End campus.


This event has very limited capacity so if you would like to attend then please email

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