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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Chinese painting Class

We will be hosting Chinese Calligraphy workshops on:

  • Date: Tuesday 12th March
  • Venue: Bancroft Building 3.17
  • Time: 6.00pm- 8.00pm

Participants will learn how to draw traditional Chinese painting using traditional Chinese pigment and have the chance to practice using authentic brushes and ink. They will learn the different types of Chinese Paintings and draw a variety of images such as Lian(莲)lotus, Mei(梅)plum blossom, Lan(兰)orchid, bamboo (竹) and chrysanthemum (菊).

This event has very limited capacity so if you would like to attend then please email 

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All of our events/ class and courses are available to both QMUL students and staff, as well as non- QMUL.



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