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London Asian Film Festival screening

The Centre for Film and Ethics presents a screening of Anatomy of Violence as part of the London Asian Film Festival.

Anatomy of Violent film still

There will be a London Asian Film Festival (LAFF 2017) screening on 17th March, 5 pm, Arts One ALT, hosted by the Centre for Film and Ethics (CfFE).  The event showcases the controversial film, Anatomy of Violence, by award-winning director Deepa Mehta. The film uses an experimental approach to evaluate the shocking rape and murder of a young girl on a Delhi bus in 2012. It examines the socio-economic deprivation and structural inequities that shrouded the horrific actions of the perpetrators. This public screening promises to usher in a sizeable and diverse non-academic audience. 

There will be a post-screening discussion on the theme of Gender Violence: Cinema as a Mirror for Ethical Evaluation, featuring cross-departmental discussants from QM - Prof. Kavita Datta, Director of the Centre for the Study of Migration, Amit Rai, Senior Lecturer in New Media and Communication, and Prof. Ravinder Barn from Royal Holloway University.

The discussion will be chaired by Dr. Ashvin Devasundaram (Lecturer in World Cinema, Queen Mary University/Programming Adviser, LAFF). Details can be accessed here:

The event is free - please register via the Eventbrite link:



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