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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Undergraduate alumni profiles

Meet a selection of our undergraduate alumni and discover how they have excelled in their respective careers after graduating from the School of Languages, Linguistics and Film.

Alumni profiles


A head and shoulders photo of alumna, Melissa Mahmud. She is wearing a grey long-sleeved top and is sat in front of an indoor brick wall and is smiling at the camera. Melissa Mahmud (German and Linguistics BA, 2020)
22 February 2022

People always ask me why I decided to study German, and being a South-Asian woman, there is a misconception that we tend to study science or business-related subjects. However, I want to demonstrate how this language can interest anyone, regardless of their background.


Headshot of alumnus, Kamran Khan Kamran Khan (French and Geography BA, 2008)
10 February 2022

When the role I am in now came up, it felt like a sign - firstly because it was within the sector that I had my heart in but had yet to pursue, and secondly, because I was much more secure in my queer identity and I felt that being able to work at an organisation that affirms, supports, and advocates for LGBTQ+ people, was something I had to focus on.

Headshot of alumna, Olivia Herlihy Olivia Herlihy (English and Russian BA, 2003)
8 February 2022

I joined the London Ambulance Service in 2007 after assisting with a medical emergency outside my home. I realised that a paramedic’s job and a broadcast journalist’s job had many similarities. Both professions had to be skilled at questioning people to find out exactly what happened, they were both fast paced jobs that involved highly emotional scenarios, and both involved being constantly out talking to people. I was good at looking after people and dealing with emergencies, which I hadn’t realised was a skill not all people have.


Headshot of alumna, Kim Yudelowitz Kim Yudelowitz (Comparative Literature BA, 2020)
16 June 2021

I decided to take on a Comparative Literature module and instantly enjoyed it. I really felt like I had found my calling. The modules were so diverse and broad, giving me a chance to read such an exciting range of literature.


Headshot of alumna, Lara Conboy Lara Conboy (French and German BA, 2019)
12 May 2021

There is a huge demand for language graduates. Not only are they able to show off their linguistic abilities, but they have also developed unique interdisciplinary skills, ranging from communication and project management, through to creative thinking and a high level of writing.

Headshot of alumnus, Daniel Robson Daniel Robson (Film Studies BA, 2012)
22 April 2021

My experience at Queen Mary gave me the first-hand experience that I draw upon every day in my job. I have lived so many of the experiences that our students are and can advise them from a genuine place. It gave me connections which have been a source of support ever since.


Headshot of alumnus, Matt Kay Matt Kay (Film Studies BA, 2011)
16 March 2021

Under different circumstances, I would never have been able to go and see what an all-female sumo wrestling dojo in Japan looks like, but because I was making a film, I was able to spend time with these really inspirational, amazing women.

Headshot of alumnus, Mitch Harris Mitch Harris (Film Studies BA, 2014)
23 February 2021

It’s astonishing to look at the contribution LGBTQ+ people have made throughout history, and to know that many of them have only been acknowledged in recent years. I think we need to continue to find and highlight those people that have made extraordinary contributions that enable us to live as we do today.

Headshot of alumna, Alissa Timoshkina Alissa Timoshkina (Film Studies BA, 2006)
17 November 2020

The knowledge that I gained at Queen Mary is at the heart of what I do, even if it takes on so many different guises, from a PhD in Soviet Holocaust cinema to a podcast about motherhood and food. 

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