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Student Knowledge Exchange Through Community Hubs

Our Outcomes and Partners

The Social Impact Unit partners internally with the five pillars of the QM Legal Advice Centre, qLegal, the Student Consultancy Project, qNomics and the QM Social Venture Fund to identify best practice for student knowledge exchange and evaluate the social impact of the activities. 

What We Do

The three main roles of the Social Impact Unit (SIU) are: evaluation, dissemination and public engagement.

With the help of the SKETCH Advisory Board and pillars, we aim to develop a set of best practices in student-led advice clinics, consulting projects, investment services and business training (collectively known as ‘student-led knowledge exchange’).

The SIU collects and monitors data on SKETCH activities, and with the SIU Student Ambassadors work with business and community partners on evaluation projects concerning different aspects of student-led knowledge exchange.

What is Social Impact Evaluation

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The Social Impact Unit's mission is to support SKETCH pillars to understand and evaluate their own social impact and to embed relevant methodologies and approaches in their work with communities.
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