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Student Knowledge Exchange Through Community Hubs

About Us

The SKETCH programme is one that connects the many schools within the university. Our pillar projects have trained, developed and mentored talent within Queen Mary to share their expertise out in the community. 


SKETCH - Student Knowledge Exchange Through Community Hubs, we aim to serve the SME businesses and individuals that make London great and remain locally-rooted and socially minded in the way we conduct work.

The SKETCH partnership comprises of:

  • QM Legal Advice Centre;
  • qLegal;
  • qNomics;
  • QM Social Venture Fund;
  • The Student Consultancy Project;
  • and The Social Impact Unit.

Together, our pillars collaborate to create multi-disciplinary teams to produce high-level output for professional clients, bringing forward innovative ideas and approaches to complex real-life problems. Individuals and SMEs can connect with us for help through the projects we can offer.  



The service provided to the Nightline Association by the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre and qlegal was outstanding. Through their recommendations, we have been able to develop more robust, extensive and detailed guidance to Nightlines throughout the UK on ensuring good practice.
— Harry Cloke, Nightline Association
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