School of Economics and Finance

Year Abroad

You can go abroad for a year if you apply for a degree course ‘with a year abroad’. In this case, you will spend your third year studying abroad at one of our partner universities and afterwards you will come back to Queen Mary University for your final year of study. You will be able to select your study abroad destination in the first part of your second year.

We have a long list of partners you can apply to both in Europe and overseas, including Bocconi University, The University of Copenhagen, Shanghai University for Finance and Economics, the University of Melbourne, the University of Toronto, UCLA, Columbia University and Hunter College.

 Frequently Asked Questions: 

What’s the financial impact?

You will not pay tuition fees to your host university for the year you spend there. You will continue to pay tuition fees to Queen Mary but at a significantly reduced rate. Accommodation and extra costs (such as visas and flights) will be at your expense, but the programme offers financial assistance to help you cover part of the year abroad cost. Selected students will be notified of the grants available.

What can I study on my year abroad?

During the year abroad, students have freedom to follow their interest and devise their own study plan, which needs to be 25% relevant to their field of study. However, study plans must be agreed with the School before departure and module choices are subject to availability at the partner university.

If I enrol in a normal three-year degree course, can I transfer to a degree course with a year abroad on a later stage?

Yes, you can do so at any time during your first year of study.