School of Economics and Finance

Guglielmo Volpe



Telephone: +44 20 7882 8853
Room Number: GC423
Office Hours: Monday: 5pm - 6pm and Thursday: 12pm - 1pm


Research keywords: Economic Education and Growth Theory.

Guglielmo Volpe is a Professor within the School of Economics and Finance at Queen Mary University of London.

His research interests lie in the area of economics education and students achievement. He has recently been involved in a large scale project aimed at investigating the development of ‘sense of belonging’ among first year undergraduate students. An ‘identity economics’ framework is used to investigate the factors affecting a student’s development of belonging to the institution of study and the implications for academic achievement. He is also researching the impact of ‘loss aversion’ in providing incentives to study harder. Guglielmo is also interested in the pedagogical benefits of problem and enquiry based learning. He applies their principles in his teaching and researches its application in economics and is effectiveness in enhancing learning.

Guglielmo is a National Teaching Fellow, a national scheme that rewards excellence in learning and teaching. He is also an associate of the Economics Network (, an organisation run by economists to support the enhancement of economics teaching and learning in the UK.

He received his PhD from Dundee University, his MSc Economics from Glasgow University and his Laurea in Political Economy from the Trento University.



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