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School of Economics and Finance

Efe Acaroglu


Visiting Lecturer



Efe Acaroglu is a Visiting Professor of Finance at Queen Mary University of London in the School of Economics and Finance. He has taught at Queen Mary University since 2019. Efe teach​es the Interest Rate Derivatives - "A Practitioner's story" Class to Master’s in Finance Students.

Efe's last position in finance industry was the head of emerging market rates and structured trading at Nomura. He also worked at UBS and RBS as a trader and performing manager prior to Nomura. Efe began his finance career in 1989 at Central bank of Turkey and moved to London with UBS in 1997. He is experienced both in buy side and the sell side i.e. in proprietary trading and market making in rates and credit markets.

Efe’s research interests are in investing in fixed income securities in emerging capital markets, financial engineering: derivatives, and macroeconomics.

Efe has a BS degree in Economics from Middle East Technical University (METU), and a Master’s in Finance from University of Nottingham.



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