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School of Economics and Finance

PhD induction

The 2020-21 first semester commences in the week beginning Monday 14 September 2020 (Week 0) for students joining PhD Economics and PhD Finance programmes.

Enrolment and ID pick-up

Enrolment this year will only take place online, through MySIS. 

ID cards will need to be picked up in person when you first arrive at our Queen Mary campus.  You must have completed online enrolment before picking up your ID.  You will need your ID to access buildings on campus as well as the Library.

The designated slot for ID pick-up is Monday 21 September 2020 between 10:00 – 13:00.  This takes place in the Octagon, Queen’s Building.

There is also drop-in ID pick up sessions available if you cannot make the designated slot:

  • Thursday 17 September 16:00 – 17:00
  • Friday 18 September 10:00 – 17:00
  • Monday 21 September 13:00 – 17:00
  • Tuesday 22 September – Friday 25 September 10:00 – 17:00
  • Monday 28 September – Friday 09 October 10:00 – 17:00 (Pick up moves to the Student Enquiry Centre, Queen’s Building)

For general queries, opening hours and enquiries please see the RDO website.

Supervision meeting

In late September you will have a meeting with the appropriate member of the Graduate Studies Committee (covering your research area) to discuss your supervision requirements for the PhD programme, we will contact you to arrange this closer to the time.  

Teaching Assistantship training (for PhD students on SEF studentships)

Class teaching will commence from Monday 28 September (Week 2), prior to this you will meet with Yioryos Makedonis who will co-ordinate your teaching schedule and hold an induction session for new teaching assistants in early September.  Details will be confirmed shortly. This year, final teaching allocations and schedules will be confirmed later than usual due to changes to UG and PG teaching caused by the pandemic.

TA compulsory training and recommended resources will be finalised in due course.  For an overview so you have an idea please see the following sources:

  1. AdvanceHA Associate Fellowship – Your application to this Fellowship will be supported by the School. Information on applying is available from the Queen Mary Academy.
  2. Queen Mary Academy – Online resources and good practice for supporting your teaching, including moving to teaching remotely. Resources on reflective practice for your teaching will be added in due course.
  3. UCL Center for Teaching and Learning Economics – Resource to support your teaching including collected shared experiences and best practice
  4. The Economics Network – compulsory GTA workshop, usually scheduled for September and October. Further details and registration should be confirmed shortly.

Please note that your TA Co-ordinator, Yioryos, will confirm all details including teaching allocation, contracts and training in due course.  He will keep in touch with you via your institutional email accounts so please ensure you are checking this daily for any updates as well as an invitation to an initial meeting which will take place via Microsoft Teams.  If you have any questions please email Yioryos Makedonis directly.

Doctoral College

The Doctoral College website is a good reference point for your study here at Queen Mary. The Doctoral College support you and make sure you have the opportunities you need to develop your professional skills and subject expertise.

The website will help you find information and advice about careers, funding, the Points Skills Database, workshops and events. They also contain the official guidance you might need to refer to, which can be found under Forms, Guidelines and Regulations

The Doctoral College PhD Induction will be online this year as a series of events between Monday 28 September to Friday 2 October 2020.  The full schedule will be published on the Doctoral College website in due course.

Induction 1st year PhD starters

The 1st Year PhD Induction talk will take place online via Zoom at 11am UK time on Monday 21st September.  You will be emailled the meeting details directly.

Library Services

In order to adapt to the online focus of the Queen Mary Welcome/Induction period in 2020, Library Services has produced a 'Welcome and Induction 2020' website.  This webpage contains lots of useful information to help you orientate yourself, including School Specific 'Five Key Things' videos (see Economics and Finance, under 'Subject Support - Humanities and Social Sciences'.  

Further information

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us:

Ms Chandani Amin
PhD Administrator (Wed-Fri)

School of Economics and Finance
Queen Mary University of London