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School of Economics and Finance

ECOM106 - CFA Training

Credits: 15

Module Convenor: FITCH

This module gives students training and revision tools required to undertake the CFA level 1 exam. The training, supplied by Fitch Training, will include lectures and e-resources that will be made available right up to the time students choose to take the CFA exam. It is assessed through a mock CFA exam leaving students open to choose when they enrol for the actual CFA qualification.

This module is part of a pathway open to students in MSc Finance, MSc Investment Banking, MSc Investment and Finance and MSc Behavioural Finance and is combined with a 30 credit dissertation (i.e. a shorter dissertation than that required for students not on the pathway). Students not on the CFA pathway who are thinking of taking the CFA level 1 exam may attend this module (subject to paying a top-up fee), for these students the module will not count toward their MSc marks but will simply prepare them for the CFA exam.

Assessment: 100.0% Examination

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