School of Economics and Finance

ECOM079 - Applied Wealth Management

The module looks into modern wealth management and is delivered from an experienced market practitioner. Students will study the regulatory framework governing firms and individuals in the wealth management industry. The various asset classes (such as money markets, bonds, equities, property, hedge funds etc) will be examined and how they can be combined in wealth portfolios. The utilisation of pensions and insurance solutions will also be discussed as well as the areas of philanthropy and ethical investing.

The syllabus for this module is the same as for the CISI Masters in Wealth Management professional exam module. Upon completion of this module, students will have acquired a strong understanding of the workings of wealth management industry and will also have completed significant groundwork towards the professional exam.

Successful completion of the CISI professional exam on this topic is a major asset when applying for banking jobs, especially in the wealth and asset management industry.