School of Economics and Finance

ECOM074 - Bond Market Strategies

Credits: 15

Module Convenor: Mr Darren Cullen

Bond markets and the term structure of interest rates have always been two cornerstones of financial theory. Moreover, in the last decades, bond markets have become highly sophisticated in their offering of a wide range of instruments, from bonds with embedded options to asset-backed securities or structured notes. Because of the great importance of these markets and instruments, participants must become well-informed of the structure and uses of these securities and also of the increasingly complex techniques for valuing them. This module is designed to develop the MSc students understanding of bond markets and securities theory and practice. It is an advanced course that covers the different types and features of these bond instruments and the fundamental analytical tools to price them. The principle objective is to forge a solid understanding of structuring techniques, portfolio strategies and products within the bond markets.

Assessment: 80.0% Examination, 20.0% Coursework