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Attracting fresh talent and nurturing employees, apprenticeships give employers opportunities to develop and grow their businesses

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Apprenticeships are a valuable opportunity for organisations. Apprentices develop skills and knowledge directly related to their jobs through practical, work-based learning. The School of Economics and Finance provides more than just a degree programme.

As a result of identifying your business needs and contextualising learning, we can become a strategic partner for your organisation. By partnering with us, it allows you to receive support throughout the entire apprenticeship process - from the initial scoping to the launch of your apprenticeship programme.

Benefits of taking on an Apprentice

Apprenticeship schemes are an asset to organisations when they add value beyond the mere bottom line. By positively affecting cultural change, a successful apprenticeship scheme can improve both productivity and competitiveness whilst at the same time improving staff morale and retention, the ability to attract good staff and the reputation of that organisation in its respective sector.

Best practice in apprenticeships can be summarised as the following:

  • Apprenticeships that are embedded as part of a long-term strategy for workforce growth and skills development;
  • Employers are clear about the role that apprentices play in the organisation and how they will be supported;
  • Apprentices are supported by the existing workforce, senior management as well as line managers and trades unions;
  • Apprenticeships are structured so as to provide ongoing support, pastoral care and mentoring throughout the placement;
  • Apprenticeships are high-quality and tailored to the employer’s needs.

Useful Links for Employers

The following links provide independent information and guidance about degree apprenticeships for employers.

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