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Supaset Sothonsirimongkol

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Why did you study an MSc in Investment and Finance at Queen Mary? What was it about this particular course that appealed to you?
I enjoyed learning about investment and risk management because both can be used together to build a portfolio which suits your risk appetite and investment objective. 

What did you enjoy most about studying Investment and Finance and were there any academics that had a strong influence on shaping your time and studies here? 
I enjoyed the Bloomberg class even though it was not graded, this class built a very strong foundation in terms of of industry best practices and data analysis for investment. I highly encourage students who have time to try to explore the real-word trading and investment experience from this class. It was one of the greatest data sources, and very useful for model development and research.

As an international student, Thailand is home for you, what made you decide to study in London and at Queen Mary in particular?
I found the course very good in terms of contents and lecturers from the banking industry or asset management firm. I like learning from experience more than textbooks because the former shows the lessons learnt and it’s real and practical. Lab/tutorial was the best class for me to challenge my understanding and learn how to solve the problems and practice systematic thinking.  I am glad that QMUL offer both types of class (lecture and lab/tutorial).

How did you find the experience of studying and living in London? What helped you adapt to a new culture and way of life?
After learning investment, my way of life has been changed. I have a strong motivation to spend less and save more and make that my habit. I can diversify my wealth into so many asset-classes with many tactical allocation methodologies and I generally use the thematic investment to achieve a proper risk/reward ratio within the risk appetite.  

Can you describe your path since you graduated in 2018 and the roles you have had since with Krung Thai Bank and Kasikornbank?
I start working as market risk officer at Krung Thai Bank for 1.5 years then moved to
the same role at Kasikornbank and currently I have expanded my risk management role in not only market risk but also operational risk in the AEC countries, China, and Hong Kong, not just Thailand as before.

What are some of your daily responsibilities in your current role and what made you apply for this role? Why did you choose your current role?
I mainly control the risk exposure within the risk limit of the bank. I also follow news
and identify the risk factors that can affect the portfolio either through gain or loss and
recommend solutions.

Can you tell us a bit about your experiences with QUMMIF and QMTIS? What did you gain from taking part in them?
I practiced valuation and risk management with the case study of oil and gas equity with the data source from Bloomberg through both of these. QUMMIF and QMTIS helped me land a job related to risk management perfectly and I gained lots of connection from members of both activities.

What was special about your time at Queen Mary? Can you give one or two examples of your most memorable moments? 
First moment: My team received the 2nd prize in QUMMIF and become one of the most successful participants of the program.

Second moment: I receive the graduation transcript with distinction in every module I took. This was so amazing to me and helped me get the job I wanted easily. 

What are your future aspirations? In terms of your career, your life and in general? 

I would like to share my knowledge related to risk management and investment management to those who are interested in saving money and gaining financial freedom. I also plan to become a mentor or part-time lecturer at a university. I want to contribute back to the society and my country.

Finally, what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

I want to see my family happy and to become better than or, at least equal to the person I was yesterday. This mindset gives me a good start each day and I never step back or give up.


This profile was conducted by Alumni Engagement Coordinator, Hannah. If you would like to get in touch with Supaset or engage him in your work, please contact Hannah Dormor.

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