Understanding module credits


You will have received guidance about the number of credits you need to per Semester of study at QMUL, please check to make sure you keep to these guidelines. Note that overloading requires a formal letter of permission from your home institution.

Normally, you should take a total of 60 credits per semester at Queen Mary.

In the School of English and Drama, single-semester modules are usually worth 15 credits each, while full year modules are usually worth 30 credits each.

Students may take four 15 credit modules in one semester (4 x 15 = 60 credits). However, some modules that run in only one semester are worth 30 credits instead of the usual 15 (e.g. DRA205). If you take one of these modules, then you should only take a further 30 credits in total for the semester (e.g. two 15 credit modules).