Module Requirements

English modules

The Department of English welcomes all students to first-year (Level 4, coded ESH1-- ) modules, but restricts all second-year (level 5, coded ESH2-- or ESH5---) and third-year (Level 6, coded ESH3-- or ESH6---) modules to students reading English or Arts/Humanities majors only.

There are two exceptions (open to all Associate Students):

  • ESH5001 Global Shakespeare
  • ESH295 London: Walking the City

Drama modules

The Department of Drama welcomes all students onto its Level 4 DRA-- modules. Spaces available to non-arts majors on Level 5 and 6 modules are limited. At level 5 non-arts majors will only be offered places if their transcripts and/or references indicate some significant engagement with critical humanities research, practice and theory. At level 6 non-drama arts majors will need their transcripts and/or references to indicate a high-level commitment and engagement with cultural and performance practice/theory.

There is one exception (open to all Associate Students):

  • DRA261 London Performance Now