School of English and Drama

Dr Mariza Dima


Creativeworks London Postdoctoral Research Assistant



I am an Interaction designer and researcher at Creativeworks London - Arts Research Centre. My work focuses on the design and development of interactions using tangible, mobile, and haptic interfaces in socio–cultural contexts, prominently in performance art, theatre, and cultural heritage. I have a particular research interest in collaborative and participatory design processes of applying technology creatively, which I study in parallel to a project. My broader interests include political philosophy, theory of media and culture, performance studies, and design for societal transformation.

I hold a PhD in Interaction Design and an MSc in Design and Digital Media from the University of Edinburgh. My thesis explored 'A design-led approach for transferring the embodied skills of puppet stop-motion animators into haptic workspaces’ . I hold a BSc (Hons) in Applied Mathematics and Physical Sciences at the National Technical University of Athens. My work has been published widely in journals and leading academic conferences (Siggraph Asia, HCI International, NordiCHI, Springer).


Research Interests:

  • Interaction design
  • Experiential collaborative Design
  • Design-led Audience Research
  • Design for embodiment/engagement
  • Haptic interaction  

Recent and On-Going Research

I am currently researching design-led strategies for audience engagement in the creative industries, trans-disciplinary collaborations within co-design processes, and the structure of network collaborations, within London’s visual arts, museums, and performing arts sectors. Some of my recent and on-going projects are:

Experiencing an Art Gallery

In collaboration with a large art gallery, I use design methods and research on motivation to deepen understanding of how audiences are affected by the different experiences offered to them through online portal and during their physical visit. Our research questions include:

  • What value do visitors take away from visiting a major temporary exhibition?
  • What role do collaborating SMEs play in delivering that value?

The project follows a ludic engagement methodology for exploring audience experience, focusing on a rich variety of qualitative responses.

London’s museums audience experience

In collaboration with a consortium of London’s museums, the project focuses on analysing and understanding the different experiences of London’s museum audiences, and identifying factors that affect their participation in the museums’ activities and eventually their engagement. The research questions are:

  • How have the demographics of audiences for London museums changed in the past decade or so? (the time span is left deliberately open until the availability of data can be ascertained)
  • What are the different experiences of London museums in terms of the demographics of their audiences?
  • What factors affect demographics of audiences for different museums? In particular, what actions are most likely to broaden the demographics of a London museum’s audience?

Digital platforms for collaboration in the Performing Arts

This project aims to bring together artists, art organisations and audiences of London’s performing arts sector in order to design, collaboratively, models for engaging performing arts audiences through digital interactive media. The process will aim to create a commons where collaboration glitches can be addressed, where values, behaviours, and structures that underpin online or offline networked relations can be discussed; and where observing the interconnections that are formed, and following the lines of entanglement and disentanglement from the network will create useful knowledge that can eventually be applied in practice.