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The Queen Mary Centre for Religion and Literature in English

Lunchtime Work-in-Progress Seminar 2016-17

5 October 2016 (joint with Kirsty Rolfe (QMUL, English) ‘ “To bee even sicke againe with sorrow”: Emotional responses to news in 1620s sermons’

19 October 2016Eyal Poleg (QMUL, History) ‘“The Skins of Beasts”: A Material History of the Bible in Late Medieval and Early Modern England’

16 November 2016 (joint with Nikki Clark (Royal Holloway) ‘Musical Tombs: the Howard women, commemoration, and the Dissolution of the Monasteries’

14 December 2016 (joint with Rachel Willie (Liverpool John Moores University)  ‘Private Grief and Public Passion: Anatomising the King’s Two Bodies’

25 January 2017 (joint with Emily Vine (QMUL, English/History) ‘Death, remembrance and religious ritual – examples from the Huntington Library

15 February 2017 (joint with Liesbeth Corens (Cambridge) ‘Community and continuity: English Catholic counter-archives’

8 March 2017James Vigus (QMUL, English) ‘A Victorian Friendship: The Correspondence of Sara Coleridge with Henry Crabb Robinson’

22 March 2017Timothy Whelan (Georgia Southern University) ‘Mary Hays, William Godwin, and the Dissenting Tradition of Women’s Correspondence’