School of English and Drama

Structure of the Degree Programmes

The Department offers undergraduate degree programmes in English, as well as a distinctive joint honours English and Drama degree and programmes in combination with a range of other subjects (History, Film, Modern Languages, Linguistics).

Our degree programmes are designed to give you the freedom and flexibility that you need to develop your ideas and interests, as well as a firm foundation in literary history, theory, and genre.

  • In the first year you will build the key skills required for English at degree level by testing a variety of approaches to literary study, and reading a broad range of texts from the eighth to the twenty-first century. Modules include Poetry; Literatures in Time; Narrative; and Reading, Theory and Interpretation. You will also complete a rigorous exploration of the works of Shakespeare
  • In the second and third years you create your own programme of study with the help of your advisor, choosing from a range of broad range of options. You are free to choose to specialise in one particular area, or to learn about a range of forms of writing, from the ancient world to the present day, and from Anglo-Saxon English to world literatures
  • In the third year you will also deepen your understanding of a topic of your choice by writing a 10,000 word dissertation, with the help of a specialist in your field

A BA in English will equip you with advanced knowledge of literature, language, culture, and history, while developing skills applicable to a broad range of careers.