School of English and Drama

Plenary and Keynote Presentations

Name Title of Presentation Event Date
Christopher Reid sedmiddle Parliamentary Voices: Speaking and Reporting in the House of Commons 1750-1800 Voices and Books 1500-1800, British Library 11/11/2014
Rehana Ahmed and Anshuman Mondal sedmodern Writing with Liberty: Literary Controversies and the Responsibilities of Writers and Readers Writing for Liberty, Lancaster University 17/04/2015
Warren Boutcher sedearly Plenary lecture Montaigne in England and Scotland conference, Institute of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, University of Durham 06/11/2015
Warren Boutcher sedearly Plenary response The Balzan Project ‘Literature as an object of knowledge’, University of Oslo 12/09/2013
Christopher Reid sedmiddle A Unitarian at Trinity: Robert Garnham (1753-1802) and the Politics of Late Eighteenth-Century Cambridge Dr Williams’s Centre for Dissenting Studies, Seminar Series 12/06/2013
Christopher Reid sedmiddle Reconstructing Parliamentary Performance 1760-1800 International Society for the History of Rhetoric conference, Chicago 17/07/2013
Shahidha Bari sedmiddle New Ways of Thinking The Hay Philosophy Festival 25/05/2009
John Barrell sedmiddle The History, Theory, and Culture of Roads University of Cork 02/05/2013
John Barrell sedmiddle Thomas Pennant Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales, Aberystwyth 08/06/2013
Julia Boffey sedearly Chaucer’s Lyrics: “many a song and many a lecherous lay” Annual Kent Chaucer Lecture 16/05/2014
Julia Boffey sedearly Note all old English Mss are very valuable The John Rylands Library, Manchester University 17/09/2009
Julia Boffey sedearly Banking on Translation: English Printers and Continental Texts The Medieval Translator international conference, University of Padua 24/07/2010
Julia Boffey sedearly Late Medieval Books Inside and Outside London University of Leicester 18/03/2010
Andrea Brady sedearly Spectres, Superstition, and Popular Literature in Britain, 1640-1660 Gothic Renaissance, University of Cologne 04/12/2009
Jerry Brotton sedearly Workshop The Uses of Evidence, Sussex University 16/06/2009
Jerry Brotton sedearly The Country and the City, the Map and the World Raymond Williams Memorial Lecture, Hay-on-Wye Festival 30/05/2010
Jerry Brotton sedearly World Maps and the Dawn of Globalisation British Library 04/05/2010
Jerry Brotton sedearly Mapping the Globe Royal Geographical Society 27/09/2010
Jerry Brotton sedearly Shakespeare’s Islam Shakespeare’s Imagined Orient conference, American University of Beirut 04/05/2011
Jerry Brotton sedearly The Cartographic Rhetoric of Globalism Society of Cartographers, UCL 04/09/2012
Suzanne Hobson sedmodern Radical Unorthodoxy: Mary Butts and H.D.’s Hellenistic Fiction Women Modernists and Spirituality Symposium, University of Stirling 22/05/2014
Suzanne Hobson sedmodern The Ethics of Unbelief in Modernist Fiction Tradition and/or Modernity Literary, Historical and Cultural Perspectives (1660-1940), Radboud University, Nijmegen 26/05/2016
Mark Currie sedmodern Metafiction and the Passage of Time Fiction on Fiction Conference, Crassh, University of Cambridge 16/04/2011
Mark Currie sedmodern Theoretical Approaches to the Unforeseeable Uncertainty Conference, University of London 11/06/2011
Mark Currie sedmodern Memory in the Future Tense The Future of Memory, University of Roehampton 29/10/2011
Mark Currie sedmodern Creativity and Literary Theory Recreating English, Open University 15/03/2013
Mark Currie sedmodern Some Surprising Things about the Future Anterior Temporality Workshop, University of Portsmouth 29/05/2013
Mark Currie sedmodern A Trace of the Future Traces Conference, Goldsmiths, University of London 14/06/2013
Markman Ellis sedmiddle Invited workshop participant on 'Sensibility’ Yale Centre for British Art, Yale University, New Haven, CT 07/06/2009
Markman Ellis sedmiddle The Circulation and Organization of Montagu’s Letters in her Lifetime Editing Enlightenment Letters: Elizabeth Montagu’s Correspondence, Huntington Library, Pasadena, CA 13/04/2012
Markman Ellis sedmiddle Reading Practices in Elizabeth Montagu’s Epistolary Network of the 1750s Vanderbilt University, 18th and 19th Century Research Colloquium 24/02/2012
Markman Ellis sedmiddle Reading in the Elizabeth Montagu Circle ’Voices in Dialogue': Ideational Production and Reception of Women's Writing in Europe, European COST Action IS 0901 Women Writers In History, Chawton House Library 03/11/2011
Markman Ellis sedmiddle Samuel Scott’s London Shore Literary London, Institute of English Studies, University of London 22/07/2011
Markman Ellis sedmiddle What is Cultural History? Angles: Birkbeck Postgraduate Conference, Birkbeck University of London 15/06/2010
Markman Ellis sedmiddle Encounters, Affinities, Legacies The Eighteenth Century in the Present Day Conference, University of York 28/06/2013
Rachael Gilmour sedmodern "Sight, sounds and meaning": 1970s black British poetry and its ‘arc to the future’ An Arc to the Future: Preserving and Promoting Orature in the South African Literary Imaginary, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa 09/11/2015
Rachael Gilmour sedmodern “When brain meet book it dread”: Postcolonial Linguistics as Language Activism in 1980s Britain’ Colonial and Postcolonial Linguistics, University of Bremen 03/09/2013
Paul Hamilton sedmiddle "Realpoetik": Revolution by Other Means in European Romantic Restoration Thought Republican Exchanges, c. 1550-1850, University of Newcastle 17/07/2009
Paul Hamilton sedmiddle Beyond Words: the Ambition of Romantic Manifestos April Conference Thirteen: Beyond Words: Crossing borders in English Studies, Jagiellon University, Krakòw, Poland 24/04/2014
Paul Hamilton sedmiddle Plenary Romanticism and the Future, House of Arts and Letters, Paphos, Cyprus 24/10/2014
Paul Hamilton sedmiddle The aesthetic humanism of Felicia Hemans Centro di Studi Romantica, University of Bologna 24/10/2015
Paul Hamilton sedmiddle Plenary Romanticism and Responsibility: Concepts, Debates and Actions in Europe and Its Colonies, 1770s to 1830s, University of Cyprus 03/09/2010
Paul Hamilton sedmiddle Romantic Occasionalism Informal Romanticism, Center for Advanced Studies, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, München 08/09/2011
Paul Hamilton sedmiddle Future Restoration BARS conference, University of Southampton 27/07/2013
Paul Hamilton sedmiddle Exceptions The Long 20th Century, Goldsmiths College, University of London 18/09/2013
Alfred Hiatt sedearly Les espaces du passé au Moyen Age (Spaces of the Past in the Middle Ages) Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris 01/03/2014
Alfred Hiatt sedearly Land not yet: From terra incognita to Terra Australis Perceptions of Terra Australis, Network for Early European Research Symposium, Perth, Australia 12/06/2009
Alfred Hiatt sedearly Cartographical Sources between the Middle Ages and Modernity Fondazione Centro Studi sulla Civiltà del Tardo Medioevo, San Miniato, Italy 08/09/2010
Alfred Hiatt sedearly Maps of Empires Past Post-Empire Imaginaries? Anglophone Literature, History and the Demise of Empires, ASNEL/GNEL Annual Conference, University of Bern 19/05/2012
Peter Howarth sedmodern In Concert With Poetry and Collaboration in the Age of Modernism, Trinity College Dublin 01/07/2015
Peter Howarth sedmodern Environmentalism and Performance Theory Association of Arts of the Present (ASAP) conference, Trier, Germany 29/10/2010
David James sedmodern Dissident Elegy: From Conrad to Coetzee Modernism and Life Writing, University of Zurich 06/12/2014
David James sedmodern Decentring Englishness State of Britain: Representing / Writing Britain in the 20th and 21st Centuries, Société d'Etudes Anglaises Contemporaines, Université Paris Diderot 24/10/2014
David James sedmodern Worldly Localisms Bloomsbury C21 Writings Conference, Brighton 10/04/2014
David James sedmodern “Twisted Surfaces and Turned-Out Membranes”: Externalism Today Wyndham Lewis: Networks, Dialogues, and Communities, Institute of English Studies, University of London 30/11/2012
David James sedmodern Novel Geographies at Mid-Century Space: From Theory to Practice, Birkbeck, University of London 16/11/2012
David James sedmodern Teaching the When without Forgetting the How Higher Education Academy: Teaching Post-Millennial Literature, Brighton University 02/07/2012
David James sedmodern Wounding the Contemporary Novel Humanities Research Centre Symposium, Keele University 12/06/2013
David James sedmodern Form, Periodicity, and Contemporary Fiction Modern and Contemporary Novel Subject Day, Prince’s Teaching Institute and Pimlico Academy, London 02/02/2013
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddle Scent, Aestheticism, Decadence The Affective Turn Symposium, Royal College of Art 21/02/2014
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddle Carnal Flowers, Charnel Flowers: Perfume in the Decadent Literary Imagination Decadence and the Senses Conference, Goldsmiths, London 10/04/2014
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddle Michael Field's Fragrant Imagination Michael Field Centenary Conference, IES, London 11/07/2014
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddle Perfumed Melodies: Tracking Literary Scent Memory from Shakespeare to Michael Field Feeling for the Past: Remembering though the Senses Conference, Sorbonne Nouvelle 3 10/10/2014
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddle Scents and Sensibility: The Fragrance of Decadence Decadent Poetics, Exeter University 01/07/2011
Catherine Maxwell sedmiddle The Pleasures of Melancholy Poetry and Melancholy, Stirling University 07/07/2011
Catherine Maxwell State of the Discipline: Victorian Literature Nineteenth Century Studies Postgraduate Conference, IES sedmiddle 20/04/2013
Margaret Reynolds sedmiddle sedmodern From Sappho to X… Monash University, Melbourne, Australia 21/09/2010
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle Interpreting the Bible in eighteenth-century England The Bible in Art, Music and Literature Seminar, Trinity College, Oxford 19/10/2015
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle How evangelicals in the long eighteenth century transformed practical works by two late Stuart clergymen, William Beveridge and Benjamin Jenks Concepts of Knowledge in the Late Seventeenth Century: Thomas Plume in Context, Centre for Bibliographical Studies at the University of Essex 26/09/2015
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle Religious publishing and religious books AHRC/RSE Colloquium on Literary Commerce, University of Edinburgh 20/07/2015
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle Advice about Religious Reading Religion and Literature in the Long Eighteenth Century: approaches to genre, form, and reading practice, Chawton House, Hampshire 15/05/2015
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle The Library of the Methodist Editor and Tutor Thomas Jackson, donated in 1859 to the Wesleyan Theological Institution, Richmond Libraries in the Community, Queen Mary University of London 24/01/2015
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle Approaches and questions for scholars of religion and literature: A personal view Reading, Writing and Religion 1660-1830 Colloquium, Queen Mary University of London 07/12/2013
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle William Law and Religious Revival Conference on Transformations: Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Religion, Texts, Cultures, at the UCLA Center for 17th- and 18th- Century Studies and the William Andrews Clark Library, Los Angeles 30/09/2005
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle Autobiographical Reflections on Method AHRC/ESRC Religion & Society Programme and NORFACE Research Programme, Innovative Methods in the Study of Religion Conference 29/03/2010
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle Henry Scougal’s The Life of God in the Soul of Man: The Fortunes of a Book Conference on L’héritage judeo-chrétien dans la culture et la civilisation anglo-américaine des XVII et XVIIIème siècles of the Société d’études anglo-américaines des XVII et XVIIIème siècles, Sorbonne, Paris 24/11/2006
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle Theology, Philosophy and Religion at Eighteenth-Century Dissenting Academies Conference on Religion and the Enlightenment, the Center for the Study of Religion, Princeton University 12/04/2007
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle John Wesley’s Editions of Devotional Writers Wesley Historical Society and World Methodist Historical Society Conference, Sarum College, Salisbury 01/04/2008
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle What Religious History and Book History can Learn from each other The History of the Book: Culture, Community, Criticism, Chetham’s Library, Manchester 21/01/2010
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle The Pilgrim’s Progress in the Evangelical Revival International John Bunyan Society - Sixth Triennial Conference, Keele 26/07/2010
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle Philip Doddridge’s New Testament: The Family Expositor (1739-56) God’s Word in English conference, Antwerp & Leuven 25/03/2011
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle The Pilgrim’s Progress in the evangelical revival Sussex Centre for Intellectual History 21/11/2011
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle Thomas Jackson (1783–1873), Methodist Editor, Biographer, and Tutor Annual John Wesley lecture, Lincoln College, Oxford 24/05/2012
Isabel Rivers sedmiddle The Study of Religious Writing and Religious Education from the Perspective of a Literary and Intellectual Historian Religion and the Idea of a Research University Conference, Clare College, Cambridge 04/04/2013
Matthew Rubery sedmiddle What is the History of Audiobooks? Books and/as New Media symposia held at Harvard and the University of Edinburgh 09/07/2015
Matthew Rubery sedmiddle Can a Book Talk? Art in Translation conference, University of Iceland and Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavík, Iceland 18/09/2014
Matthew Rubery sedmiddle Thomas Edison’s Poetry Machine London Nineteenth Century Seminar Graduate Conference 26/04/2014
Matthew Rubery sedmiddle How to Read a Talking Book Literature, Media, and Sound conference, Aarhus University, Denmark 29/11/2013
Matthew Rubery sedmiddle Reading on the Move after 1877 in:flux 1845-1945: A Century in Motion postgraduate conference, University of Birmingham 27/07/2013
Matthew Rubery sedmiddle Literature Out Loud: Using Audio Resources in the Classroom Who are the Victorians? Constructions of Identity in the Nineteenth Century postgraduate conference, University of Leeds 06/09/2008
Matthew Rubery sedmiddle Canned Literature: The Book after Edison Victorian Media Conference, Victorian Studies Association of Western Canada, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada 26/04/2012
Matthew Rubery sedmiddle TBC Literature, Media, and Sound conference, Aarhus University, Denmark 28/11/2013
Matthew Rubery sedmiddle "London Horrors": Investigative Journalism in the 19th Century Twelfth Annual Literary London Conference, Institute of English Studies, University of London 19/07/2013
Bill Schwarz sedmodern Decolonization and postcolonial history Cultures of Decolonization, 1945-1970, Institute of Commonwealth Studies 30/05/2012
Bill Schwarz sedmodern Memory in the epoch of colonization European Memory Network, Stavanger University 12/12/2012
Bill Schwarz sedmodern James Baldwin now James Baldwin II: His Times, Our Times, Suffolk University, Boston 21/03/2009
Bill Schwarz sedmodern James Baldwin and Black Power Internationalising Black Power, Centre for Caribbean Thought, Department of Government, University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica 22/02/2007
Bill Schwarz sedmodern The present uses of the Past Raphael Samuel History Centre, QMUL 05/03/2013
Bill Schwarz sedmodern The 1905 Aliens Act Pears Institute for the Study of Antisemitism, Birkbeck College 12/02/2013
Bill Schwarz sedmodern Shadows of Disorder In the Shadow of Empire: The present Imperial Imaginaries of London and Paris, Department of Film and Television, Warwick University 17/05/2008
Morag Shiach sedmodern Enhancing Teaching and Learning through a Research-Rich Environment Neil Stewart Associates’ Conference, Maintaining Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, London 26/05/2010
Morag Shiach sedmodern Can the Public University be Saved Warwick Higher Education Summit 28/01/2012
Morag Shiach sedmodern Labour Material and Immaterial Work Ethics: Rethinking Literary Labour in the Long Nineteenth Century, Cambridge 06/10/2012
Morag Shiach sedmodern Creative Economy in Perspective: Creative Hubs ABRAPCORP Conference (Communication, Creative Economy, and Organisations), Sao Paulo, Brazil 17/05/2016
Morag Shiach sedmodern Immaterial Labour and the Work of Literature Australasian Modernist Studies Network, Sydney 29/04/2016
Nadia Valman sedmiddle sedmodern Fighting Together for a Better Past: The Story of Cable Street Pears Institute for Study of Antisemitism, Birkbeck, London 10/10/2011
Nadia Valman sedmiddle sedmodern The Virtuous Jewess Institute of Germanic Studies, London 07/07/2011
Andrew van der Vlies sedmodern J.M. Coetzee is Bored Global Modernism Conference, Ithaca College, Ithaca NY 04/04/2014
Andrew van der Vlies sedmodern Boundaries, Bonds(wo)men, and Literary Cyborgs: Adoption and the Politics of Translation in a Contemporary South African Novel Bonds & Boundaries Conference, UCL Society for Comparative Cultural Inquiry Postgraduate Conference, University College London 19/06/2015
Andrew van der Vlies sedmodern On Loose Ends: Futurity, Banality, and the Situation in Contemporary South African Writing Reflections on the Study of South African Literature: A Colloquium, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, SA 23/04/2012
James Vigus sedmiddle ‘Conscience is God’: Macbeth and Coleridge’s Translation of Wallenstein Coleridge the Shakespearean, Halsway 24/08/2014
James Vigus sedmiddle Pitchforked chaos or mosaic method? Coleridge’s philosophical sources Diffractions: Researching into sources, influences, interactions in literature and philosophy, Italian Department, Warwick 11/03/2014
James Vigus sedmiddle Die Aktualitaet der Romantik Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena 09/12/2010
James Vigus sedmiddle That which people do trample upon must be thy food: The Animal Creation in The Journal of George Fox Ethical Perspectives on Animals, LMU Munich 06/10/2011
James Vigus sedmiddle The ‘owlet atheism’ in 1790s England I filosofi e il libero pensiero (secoli XVII-XVIII), Naples 17/10/2013
James Vigus sedmiddle Literary Reporter or Dissenting Autobiographer? Editing Henry Crabb Robinson Research Seminar on Early Modern Britain (17th & 18th Centuries), Aix-Marseille Université 31/03/2014
James Vigus sedmiddle 'Do Friends allow puns': Lamb on Quakers, Language and Silence Charles Lamb Society Lecture 31/03/2012
James Vigus sedmiddle The 'Kantian Gospel' from Crabb Robinson to Coleridge Impact of Idealism, Magdalene College, Cambridge 08/09/2012
James Vigus sedmiddle Wordsworth’s ‘Poetic Quakerism’ Romantic Realignments seminar, Oxford 28/02/2013
Clair Wills sedmodern Inventing and Reinventing the Irish Woman UCD 10/10/2008
Clair Wills sedmodern Realism and the Irish Immigrant International Association for the Study of Irish Literature, NUI Maynooth 28/07/2010
Clair Wills sedmodern The Best are Leaving: The Contents and Discontents of Irish Emigration in the 1950s Canadian Association of Irish Studies, St Mary’s University, Halifax 22/05/2010
Clair Wills sedmodern If Yeats had Saved his pencil lead/Would certain men have stayed in bed? Carole and Gordon Segal Lecture, Northwestern University 04/05/2010
Clair Wills sedmodern Documentary Fiction and Irish Labour University of Notre Dame 31/03/2011
Clair Wills sedmodern Elizabeth Bowen in the 1950s Bowen/Trevor Summer School, Cork, Ireland 17/07/2011
Clair Wills sedmodern Guest Lecture IASIL Japan Bi-Annual Conference, Kyoto, Japan 09/10/2011
Clair Wills sedmodern Plenary A Symposium in Honour of Siobhan Kilfeather 29/06/2012
Joad Raymond sedearly Sent abroad to lie: International News and Libel in C17th Britain and Europe News in Early Modern Europe, University of Sussex 07/06/2012
Joad Raymond sedearly Being sent abroad to lie: International Dimensions of Libeling Libel: Discourses and Practices in Early Modern Britain and Europe, c.1500-1800, Rutgers University 21/04/2012
Joad Raymond sedearly Plenary Pedlars, Pamphlets and the Popular Press, Utrecht 15-16/06/2010
Joad Raymond sedearly Roundtable: Perceptions of the media in the early modern period Perception, Reception: The History of the Media in Society, Aberystwyth 04/07/2013
Joad Raymond sedearly On Pamphlets and other Papers Baroque and Communication, the University of Seville 18/11/2009