School of English and Drama

Research Culture

The department is home to a thriving research culture, which engages staff, postgraduate students, post-doctoral fellows, distinguished visiting researchers, and members of the general public.

Our undergraduate teaching is also research-led, meaning that students studying for their first degree will encounter the most up-to-date and exciting developments in the field. The richness and energy of the department as a centre for research excellence can be seen in the following areas:

The department’s research strategy describes our commitment to English studies within an interdisciplinary context that includes history, philosophy, science, geography, and modern languages.

We have long been a leader in the UK in developing the public understanding of the humanities, developing new ways to make academic research known and valuable to the public.

We co-organise several internationally-known research centres, which support interdisciplinary and collaborative research across the faculty of humanities and social sciences. These centres regularly host guest lectures, conferences, and other events led by some of the world’s most important critics and thinkers.

The department is engaged in a number of exciting collaborative research projects, and many members of staff collaborate with museums, cultural organisations, universities, schools, and other institutions. We regard these partnerships as vital opportunities for a creative and challenging rediscovery of the values of English research.

The department organises and hosts a range of research seminars. Our students take an active part in choosing speakers and setting agendas for debate. Staff and students also organise seminars in London, and we have hosted many major conferences.

Every staff member is an active researcher, and their pages highlight their current research interests and recent publications. Several members of the department have won prestigious awards for their work. Many have international reputations that extend beyond the specialist scholarly world, and are sought-after experts who make frequent media appearances.

We have also supported more than eleven post-doctoral research fellowships in recent years.

We welcome Visiting Scholars to join us at Queen Mary to work on their research.