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The Globe Road Poetry Festival

13 November 2015 - 15 November 2015

A three-day world poetry festival, celebrating the diversity of local and global poetic traditions in London’s East End.

Time: 9:00am - 6:00pm
Venue: Queen Mary University of London

Celebrating the diverse poetic traditions active in the East End of London and including high-profile performances, interactive exhibits, a translation slam and school workshop, the ground-breaking Globe Road Poetry Festival took place November 12-16th, 2015 at Queen Mary University of London and in community spaces. 


With readings by Linton Kwesi  Johnson, Myung Mi Kim, Daljit Nagra, and a host of local and international poets, the festival celebrated the diverse poetic traditions of the multicultural community of Tower Hamlets.

From the influential anti-fascist Basement Writers of the 1970s, to the hugely popular contemporary Bangla and slam poetry scenes, the borough has always been a crossroads of languages, cultures and literatures. Globe Road gathered poets and performers of all backgrounds to celebrate the stunning array of international poetry available on our doorstep.


Globe Road’s focus wasTranslation and Technology. The Festival explored how translation and technology can both create and bridge divides, enable new forms of creativity and engage new audiences with traditional and experimental poetic forms.

Through a variety of performances, inclusive discussions, workshops, slams, exhibitions and other events, Globe Road fostered an atmosphere of interaction, dialogue and collaboration.

The Globe Road Poetry Festival has been made possible by the generous sponsorship of the Centre for Public Engagement and Arts Council England

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