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School of English and Drama

Current PhD Projects

NameProject TitleSupervisor(s)Research Area
Harriet Howes ‘In Search of Clearer Water: Imagery in a Medieval Translation of Alfred of Rievaulx's De Institutione Incursarum and Other Texts’ Julia Boffey Medieval
Matthew Payne The Intellectual Projects of Robert Fabyan   Medieval
Jennifer Cryar Bridewell Prison and Representations of Deviancy in Early Modern London Ruth Ahnert and Joad Raymond Early Modern Studies
Malcolm Smith Inigo Jones in the 1630s Jerry Brotton Early Modern Studies
Vanessa Lim Rhetoric and Counsel in Shakespeare and Marlowe David Colclough and Quentin Skinner (History) Early Modern Studies
Samanta Bellotta Sex in the city: Migrant London and the policing of desire from Andrew Salkey to Hanif Kureishi Bill Schwarz Modern and Contemporary
Leonid Bilmes Conscious Time: An Examination of Nabokov's Metaphysics of Time and Consciousness Beyond Bergson Mark Currie Modern and Contemporary
Agnieszka Puchalska Knowledge Illusion: Walter Bejamin and Neo-Baroque Aesthetics   Modern and Contemporary
Jamie Wildman Illusory Walls: A Speculative Materialist Appraisal of Fictional Objects and Matter in the Novel   Modern and Contemporary
Kate Wilkinson The Persistence of Letters in Contemporary Novels   Modern and Contemporary
Sam Diamond Sincerity and Authenticity, Post-Modernism and After   Modern and Contemporary
Eve Dickson Attending to the Silence between Subjects in Love: Alterity and Mutual Recognition in Psychoanalysis, Philosophy and Selected Modernist Texts Molly Macdonald Modern and Contemporary
John Dunn The critical poetics of practice (or “the artist facing his work”): Reflexive process and narrative in the work of Paul Valéry, Paul Klee, George Oppen, Paul Auster and William Gass in their cahiers, sketchbooks, daybooks and criticism   Modern and Contemporary
Stephanie Howard-Smith The Lapdog as Social Commentary in the Long Eighteenth-Century Markman Ellis Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Jenni Råback Moments of Being through Our Mothers, Daughters, and Sisters: the Female Family in Virginia Woolf's Novels Margaret Reynolds Modern and Contemporary
Lucia Quinault Fugitive, Occasional and Local: Manuscript Poetry Circulation in Rural Warwickshire 1703-1763   Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Melissa Tricoire Keats, Tennyson and Victorian Visual Culture Catherine Maxwell and Shahidha Bari Nineteenth Century Studies
Emily Vine Religious Life in the Urban Home, 1600-1800 Tessa Whitehouse and Caroline Bowden (History), CDP with Geffrye Museum Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Daichi Ishikawa Walter Pater's Curiosity and the Late Nineteenth-Century British Cosmopolitan Contemporaries and Communities   Nineteenth Century Studies
Amy Durant Herstory: Early English Female Novelists Barbara Taylor Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Georgia Haseldine Radical Portraiture 1789-1815 and John Barrell Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Michael Craske The Importance of Swinburne's poetry and criticism to the development of early Modernism   Modern and Contemporary
Ellen Jones Code-switching and translation: literary multilingualism in contemporary fiction Rachael Gilmour and Omar Garcia (SLLF) Modern and Contemporary
Alison McNaught Dissenting Women Booksellers and their Influence on their Communities and the London Book Trade during the Eighteenth Century James Vigus Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Sam Quill The Question of Cause: Influence, Necessity and Change in Radical Thought and Romantic Poetics Paul Hamilton Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Ruby Tuke Gifts, Gratitude, Charity: Representing Indebtedness 1790-1834  Professor Pamela Clemit Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Tom Marshall The Phenomenological Coleridge   Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Kester Richardson-Dawes The Origins of German Tragic Radio: Technology, Trust and Deception in Walter Benjamin's Radio Broadcasts Sam Halliday Modern and Contemporary
Merrilees Roberts Reticence in Percy Shelley’s Poetry and Philosophy   Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
James Russell Radicalising the Left: The Movement for Colonial Freedom and the Impact of Decolonisation on Left-wing Politics in Britain   Postcolonial and World Literature Studies
Yann Ryan Foreign News Reporting in Early Modern English Newsbooks   Early Modern Studies
Rebecca Unsworth ‘Every man well appareled’: men’s fashion and networks of news in early modern European practice and print and Nicola Froggatt (V&A) Early Modern Studies
Lotte Fikkers Rescuing Early Modern Women from Prison and Early Modern Studies
Joel Grossman Rhetoric of Form in Court Poetry Under Henry VIII and James VI   Early Modern Studies
Lucy Gwynn The Library of Thomas Browne Claire Preston Early Modern Studies
Nydia Pineda de Avila Lunar Journeys in Seventeenth Century Scientific Writing   Early Modern Studies
Lydia Zeldenrust Mélusine the Hybrid Monster: The Dynamics of a European Tradition Warren Boutcher and Adrian Armstrong (SLLF) Early Modern Studies
Andrea Thorpe South Africans Writing London Andrew van der Vlies Postcolonial Studies and World Literature
Jasdeep Baga The Irrevocable Event: The Way Writers Struggle to Represent 9/11 David James Modern and Contemporary
Richard Stern Protean Madness and the Poetry of Smart, Cowper, and Blake: Form, Rhetoric, and Diction Chris Reid Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Hannah Stockton Imperial Thames: London, River and Empire, 1660-1830 and Miles Ogborn (Geography) Eighteenth Century Studies and Romanticism
Lara Atkin 'Miniature Manikins and Savage Hordes': An Examination of Representations of Southern African ‘Bushmen’ in Nineteenth-Century British Popular Culture Nadia Valman and Nineteenth Century Studies
Miriam Lawrence Judaism in the Suburban Home 1945-1975 and Alison Blunt (Geography), CDP with Geffrye Museum Modern and Contemporary
Helena Goodwyn The Americanisation of W.T. Stead Matthew Rubery Nineteenth Century Studies
Tasmin Pinder George Eliot and German influences   Nineteenth Century Studies
Alexandra Effe J.M.Coetzee and Narrative Ethics and Modern and Contemporary
Rosie Langridge Modernism in the Post Office Morag Shiach and Modern and Contemporary
Jacob McGuinn Representing Disaster: Modern Poetry and the Disaster of Aesthetics   Modern and Contemporary
Isabelle Parkinson Gertrude Stein's Modernism: A Finished or an Unfinished Project? Suzanne Hobson Modern and Contemporary
Michael Sheldon The Life, Work and Reputation of Allen Upward, the Discarded Imagist   Modern and Contemporary
Robert Dickins New Spiritualities and Domestic Life c.1855-1939 and Rhodri Hayward (History), CDP with Geffrye Museum Modern and Contemporary
Steven Quincey-Jones The Egoist and Its Own: Modernism and Intersubjectivity and Peter Howarth Modern and Contemporary
Melissa Schuh The making and breaking of author identity: a comparative study of autobiographical writing by Philip Roth, Günter Grass and J.M. Coetzee and Modern and Contemporary
Sophie Seita Proto-Types of the Avant-Garde: Little Magazines and Communities of Print Andrea Brady Modern and Contemporary
Akshi Singh The Talking Cure in the Tropics Jacqueline Rose Modern and Contemporary
Alexandra Trask Middlebrow Literature, Memory, Identity and Nationalism and Katy Price Modern and Contemporary
Charlotte Whalen Mina Loy's Poetics of Space   Modern and Contemporary
James Williams Polyglot Passages: Multilingual Cultures of Modernism and Modern and Contemporary
David Wylot Reading the Accident in Contemporary Fiction   Modern and Contemporary
Roger Blanton Masculinity, Race, Language and Power in South African Literature and Postcolonial and World Literature Studies
David Winks Domestic Domestic Travel and the Locations of Postcolonial England, after 1930 and Postcolonial and World Literature Studies
Xiaoran Hu The Construction of Childhood in Postcolonial African Novels Jacqueline Rose and Postcolonial and World Literature Studies