School of English and Drama

Global Interests in the Shakespearean World

Module code: ESH7025

Credits: 30.0
Semester: SEM1

  • Semester 1: Wednesday 10 am - 12 pm

Contact: To Be Confirmed
Overlap: None
Prerequisite: None

"This module aims to situate Shakespeare's work within the early modern global world. It will examine how far Shakespeare's drama draws on the idea of 'the global' in its setting, language, characterisation and action. It asks how far the theory and history of globalisation helps us to understand the ways in which a variety of ethnic, racial, commercial, religious and national forces are addressed in Shakespeare's work, from obvious plays like Othello and The Tempest, to more surprising texts like the Henriad."

Connected course(s): UDF DATA
Assessment: 100.0% Coursework
Level: 7