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School of English and Drama

Alessandro Simari


The Cultural and Spatial Politics of Reconstructed Early Modern Theatres



Alessandro Simari is a doctoral candidate. His current research focuses on the cultural and spatial politics of ‘reconstructed’ early modern theatres in contemporary Europe. His research takes for its case studies Shakespeare’s Globe (London, United Kingdom), Schaubühne Globe (Berlin, Germany), Gdański Teatr Szekspirowski (Gdańsk, Poland), and the Silvano Toti Globe Theatre (Rome, Italy).

He is a theatre historian but is no longer certain what is entailed by that claim.

His research interests include: contemporary Shakespearean performance, the politics of location/space, theatrical labour, theatre architecture, the appeal of Elizabethanism to later radical theatre practitioners, 20th century European theatre history (particularly Giorgio Strehler), Canadian theatre in the interwar period, and the uses of virtual reality technologies in performance.


‘Performing Silence as Political Resistance: Audience Interaction and Spatial Politics in Thomas Ostermeier’s Richard III’, Cahiers Élisabéthains 99 (July 2019)

‘Review of Playing Indoors: Staging Early Modern Drama in the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse’, Theatre Survey (forthcoming)


I have taught on:

  • DRA114 - London/Culture/Performance
  • DRA119 – Popular Theatre and Performance



Bridget Escolme; Catherine Silverstone