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School of English and Drama

Alkis Hadjiandreou


Being caught up in the art and life of Emanuele Balzani: Epistemological shifts in representing errant artistic practices and the making of textual recognition.



This project investigates the epistemological challenges implied in the textual representations of errant artistic practices by addressing the yet unexamined autobiographical material of “poet, traveller, and magician” Emanuele Balzani (born in Forli, Italy, 1966). Cultural recognition is indebted to effective histories of seeing and knowing. Balzani’s art and life have been on the margins of such histories insofar as he hasn’t been recognised “worthy of” or “ready for” determined acts of reading that would correspond to academic journals and museum exhibitions. His material – what he calls a riserva of things and stories, rather than an archive or a collection – provides the ground for a research that seeks to come to terms with the politics and poetics of textual representations and the kinds of recognition they produce.



Dr Dominic Johnson