School of English and Drama

Plenary and Keynote Presentations

Academic Title of Presentation Event Date
Aoife Monks Keynote Speaker Performing Space public symposium, Dublin Theatre Festival 09/10/2014
Michael McKinnie Olympian Performance: The Cultural Economics of London 2012 Art and Culture After Mega-Events, Vancouver 14/08/2014
Michael McKinnie Urban Performance, Productivity and the Spatial Fix Seeing Like a City Conference, Queen Mary University of London 06/06/2014
Caoimhe McAvinchey Love and Grit: A Manifesto of Feminist Performance Making Launch of Jen Harvie and Lois Weaver’s The Only Way Home is Through The Show: Performance Work of Lois Weaver, QMUL 16/11/2015
Caoimhe McAvinchey Performance and Community: Playing for Real Drama with Children and Young People in Multi-lingual and Multi-cultural Contexts symposium, Asahi University 18/10/2015
Caoimhe McAvinchey Guest Speaker Our Country’s Good: The Transformative Power of the Arts, symposium by National Theatre and National Association for the Arts and Criminal Justice, National Theatre, London 14/10/2015
Caoimhe McAvinchey Possible Fictions: Clean Break Theatre Company Women, Narrative and Crime conference, Teeside University 09/07/2015
Caoimhe McAvinchey Guest speaker and workshop facilitator, Artful Measures: The Expert Fruitcake Workshop Love Arts festival and symposium about arts and mental health, York St John’s University 03/07/2015
Caoimhe McAvinchey Guest speaker and presenter for the launch of the Artful Measures website The Expert View: Artist Led Festival and Symposium curated by Bobby Baker and Daily Life Ltd 07/05/2015
Caoimhe McAvinchey Disturb, Disrupt and Disconfirm: Clean Break’s re-presentation of women with experience of the criminal justice system Royal Centre School of Speech and Drama, London 03/03/2015
Caoimhe McAvinchey Participation and Performance in Heritage Contexts Opening address at Making Tracks symposium, Tallaght Community Arts and the Pearse Museum, Dublin. 07/07/2016
Caoimhe McAvinchey Speak As You Find: Disrupting and Developing Narratives of Community through Intergenerational Arts Practice NYU Forum on Educational Theatre, New York University 23/04/2016
Caoimhe McAvinchey Keynote, Rooms with a View: Disrupting and Developing Narratives of Community through Intergenerational Arts Practice QMUL 20/04/2016
Martin Welton In Praise of Gloom: The Theatre Defaced Theatre in the Dark symposium, University of Surrey 12/07/2014
Martin Welton Staging the Shadows: Not Seeing What You Mean in Theatre in the Dark Performing Research symposium, Central School of Speech and Drama 14/01/2015
Martin Welton Dancing With the Sound of Birds Beijing Dance Academy symposium, Beijing Dance Academy 18/11/2015
Nicholas Ridout Full English Contemporary Drama in Europe 24th Annual Conference, University of Barcelona 06/06/2015
Nicholas Ridout Performance and Publics Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw 20/02/2014
Nicholas Ridout The Trunk-Maker Generative Indirections Conference, Montemor o-Novo, Portugal 07/09/2013
Bridget Escolme Shakespeare, Performance Studies and the Site-Specific Shakespeare Association of America Annual Meeting, Boston 05/04/2012
Bridget Escolme Plenary lecture and four days of practical workshops Shakespeare Forum, Bahia, Salvador, Brazil 01/02/2013
Bridget Escolme Laughter, Cruelty and Emotional Excess in Early Modern Drama and its Contemporary Revisions Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, Australia 30/07/2014
Bridget Escolme Keynote Lecture Meta-Play: Early Modern Drama and Metatheatre, University of Kent 13/06/2015
Bridget Escolme Keynote Lecture Bloody Passions: Extreme Emotions in Early Modern Culture, University of Portsmouth 31/11/2015
Shane Boyle The Container Fetish Imagining Containers as Social Landscapes, Queen Mary University of London 26/09/2015
Shane Boyle Logistics and Participation Together in Solitude, York St John's University 2015
Shane Boyle Peter Stein’s Mitbestimmungstheater and the Real Subsumption of Labor London Theatre Seminar 26/02/2015
Shane Boyle The Container Aesthetics of Shunt’s The Boy Who Climbed Out of His Face QUORUM, Queen Mary University of London 11/03/2015
Jen Harvie Artists in the Neoliberal Creative Economy; Or, Is Creative Work Bad Work? Creativity: Method or Madness, University of Glasgow, College of Arts 4th International Post-Graduate Conference 29/05/2015
Jen Harvie Housing, Participation, Art, and Performance Cultural Participation in Place, Geography and Drama, Royal Holloway, University of London 12/05/2015
Jen Harvie The Case for Cultural Materialism: Art, Performance, Housing and Gentrification General Theory Programme: Where Theory Belongs, University of the Arts, London, and the ICA, presented at the ICA 29/04/2015
Jen Harvie The Arts are Not Value Free: What ARE Arts’ Values? And Our Own? Take the Money and Run?: Ethics and Funding, organised by Live Art Development Agency, Artsadmin and Home Live Art, curated by Jane Trowell of Platform, Toynbee Studios, London 29/01/2015
Tiffany Watt-Smith Organs of Imitation: Theatrical Body Parts and Scientific Psychology Victorian Body Parts, Barts Pathology Museum, London 14/09/2013
Jen Harvie Is Dance Work Bad Work? Dancing Economies: Currency, Value and Labour, conference organised by the Society for Dance Research, in collaboration with Royal Holloway, University of London (RHUL) & London Studio Centre, RHUL 20/02/2015
Jen Harvie The After Party: Montreal, Glasgow, London The Life and Death of the Arts in Cities after Mega-Events, Simon Fraser University/University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 16/08/2014
Jen Harvie Which City Do We Want to Have Lived in? performaCITY, Basel, Switzerland 14/06/2014
Jen Harvie Affiliations, or Artistic Affiliations Across Borders and Boundaries: Surviving and Thriving in the Neoliberal Market Borders Without Boundaries, Canadian Association for Theatre Research (CATR), 2014 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Brock University, St. Catharines, ON, Canada 24/05/2014
Jen Harvie Reassessing the Value of the Arts International Congress on European Theatre, Valencia 24/02/2010
Jen Harvie Cultural Mobility: Liveability, Prosperity and Gentrification in the Creative City and Its Pop-ups Cultural Mobility International Workshop, Institut für Theaterwissenschaft, University of Bern 12/09/2011
Jen Harvie Theatre Historiography for Better Futures: Materialities, Ideologies and Arts Funding Archives, Historiography, Politics – Ten Years On – Performance, Memory, Futures, National University of Ireland, Galway 25/11/2011
Jen Harvie ”Mixed Economies” of Arts Funding Theatre and Alternative Value – A TaPRA Postgraduate Symposium, Royal Holloway, University of London 28/01/2012
Paul Heritage The Game is Violent: Cultural Wars in the Brazilian Government Brazil's New Government: The First 100 Days of Dilma Rousseff, King's College, University of London 06/04/2012
Dominic Johnson The Cultural Politics of Live Art Extreme: Visual Representation and the Body Conference, Representation, Identity and the Body Research Centre, Department of Music and Performing Arts, Anglia Ruskin University 25/06/2009
Caoimhe McAvinchey Keynote Address Wild, Wild Women: Ten Years of Intergenerational Arts Practice at The Women's Library, QMUL 07/11/2010
Caoimhe McAvinchey The LIFT Living Archive Archiving for the Future, a one day PALATINE event, Stratford Circus, University of East London 19/05/2010
Caoimhe McAvinchey Chair and Closing Plenary The Past Is Prologue: Creating Art from A Living Archive 18/09/2013
Caoimhe McAvinchey Guest Speaker and Collaborator with Conspire Theatre Company Rethinking Power and Resistance: Gender and Human Rights from Texas to the Transnational Americas, Austin, Texas 05/10/2012
Caoimhe McAvinchey Emotion and Embodiment in Performance Practice with Women in Prison The Body, Emotion, Fieldwork: Physicality and Fears, Warwick in Venice, The Palazzo Pesaro-Papafava, Venice 01/08/2009
Caoimhe McAvinchey Beyond Policy: Applied Drama and Social Inclusion Policy to Practice, Waseda University, Tokyo 01/07/2007
Michael McKinnie Citizenship, Monopoly Performance, and the Political Geography of Northern Star Stewart Parker Conference, Queen’s University Belfast 01/11/2008
Michael McKinnie Capital: The Political Economy of Urban Theatre Environments in London Theatre and Space, ICI Berlin 22/10/2009
Michael McKinnie The Theatre of Rent American Society for Theatre Research Conference, Montreal 18/10/2011
Nicholas Ridout Return to ‘the Program’: Benjamin, Lacis, and the Proletarian Children’s Theater America Society for Theatre Research Conference, Nashville 03/11/2012
Nicholas Ridout The Time of the Animal Four-Footed Actors: Live Animals on the Stage, University of Valencia 14/12/2012
Nicholas Ridout Theatre as Time-Adjustment Request Performing Under Pressure: A Conference on Life, Labor, and Art in the Academy, Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, Brown University 14/04/2012
Lois Weaver Lost Lounge Australasian Society of Theatre, Dance and Performance National Conference, Brisbane 05/07/2012
Lois Weaver Retroperspective American Society for Theatre Research National Conference, Nashville 03/11/2012
Paul Heritage Opening Sacred Season Sacred Season, Chelsea Theatre 28/04/2008
Nadia Davids Writing and Performing Cape Town Great Texts/Big Questions, Cape Town 16/04/2014
Nadia Davids Writing and Performing South Africa's Past in the Present: An Exploration of how Theatre Intervenes to Stage and Imagine History Writing South Africa Now: A Colloquium, University of Cambridge 02/07/2013
Paul Heritage Keynote Speech Art in Our Big Society, Connected Culture, Arts Depot, London 12/10/2010
Paul Heritage 'O pensamento cênico e a política: ações sociais' Arte e Ciencia: Abismo de Rosas (Art and Science: Mind the Gap), ABRACE Congress, São Paulo 11/11/2012
Paul Heritage Guest Speaker World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2013: Resilient Dynamism, Davos-Klosters, Switzerland 23/01/2013
Jen Harvie On Patronage and London Participatory Arts, Patronage and the [Post-]Olympics, University of East London and Birkbeck 26/04/2013
Caoimhe McAvinchey Plenary Address Spotlight Symposium, QMUL 24/06/2013
Nicholas Ridout Time and Again: Theatre Against Work Central School of Speech and Drama Performance Research Conference 17/01/2013
Nicholas Ridout Working in the Dark, or, how to do Politics while going to the Theatre Yale University 25/04/2013
Nicholas Ridout On Bock and Vincenzi and 21st Century Dance Siobhan Davies Studios, London 27/03/2009
Nicholas Ridout Performing the Real: Economics and Aesthetics Performing the Real, parts of the SACRED Festival, Chelsea Theatre, London 03/11/2009
Nicholas Ridout Of Time, Cats and Feeling in Common Thinking with Feeling, Durham University 21/03/2009
Lois Weaver Lecture performance of What Tammy Found Out Contact Theatre, Sexuality Summer School, University of Manchester 22/05/2013
Maggie Inchley Creative Acts: Responding to Looked-After Children and Young People in the UK Care System, with Sylvan Baker TAPRA, Worcester 08/09/2015
Maggie Inchley “Calm Down Dear”: His-terical Voices in the House of Commons IFTR, Hyderabad 05/07/2015
Maggie Inchley Theatre of Advocacy: “Asking for It” and the Audibility of Women in Nirbhaya, “the Fearless” and of Malala, the “Heroine” CDE, Barcelona 04/06/2015
Maggie Inchley Leverhulme Panel, ‘Verbatim Theatre’, with DV8 Physical Theatre Artistic Director Lloyd Newson, playwright Alecky Blythe, and playwright Chris Goode QUORUM, QMUL 08/10/2014
Maggie Inchley The Phenomenology of Voice and Space Space Symposium, Birkbeck College 16/11/2012
Maggie Inchley The Philosophy of the Voice and Accent International Centre for the Voice, Symposium on Accent and Dialect, Central School of Speech and Drama 01/04/2011
Maggie Inchley Accents and Dialects in the Theatre of the 1990s and 2000s Stage, Song, Screen Conference, University of Winchester 03/09/2010
Maggie Inchley Voice in British Theatre, 1997-2007 London Theatre Seminar 03/12/2009