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The School of English and Drama hosts and organises a wide variety of lectures, workshops, conferences, and seminars.

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  201119 Shattering the Glass Ceiling 4-9pm ArtsOne Lecture Theatre  
  271119 Show and Tell #10 6-8pm ArtsOne Lecture Theatre

Inspiring mini talks. 

  281119 English Postgraduate Research Seminar: Clare Barker (Leeds) 6-9pm ArtsOne Lecture Theatre   
  301119 Turning the Page 6-8.30pm Queen Mary University of London

Launching an anthology of writings, Turning the Page, by the SBS Survivors’ Group. A literary conversation between two groups of BAME women – published writers responding creatively to the stories of the SBS support group. Jackie Kay, Imitiaz Dharkar, Moniza Alvi, Meena Kandasamy, Esi Yankey and Rahila Gupta have written new work in response to the stories written by the SBS women.

  91219 Between the Lines      
  121219 English Postgraduate Research Seminar: PhD Panel and Christmas Quiz 6-9pm TBC  
  300120 English Postgraduate Research Seminar      
  50220 Show and Tell #11 6-8pm ArtsOne Lecture Theatre  
  130220 English Postgraduate Research Seminar      
  270220 English Postgraduate Research Seminar      
  120320 English Postgraduate Research Seminar      
  260320 English Postgraduate Research Seminar      
  90420 English Postgraduate Research Seminar      
  JUNE TBC Open Day 10am-4pm QMUL Mile End  
  JUNE TBC Open Day 10am-4pm QMUL Mile End  
  26-29 June 2020 Conference: Brut in New Troy 2020 - Fischer Hall, QMUL Mile End

This four-day conference aims to promote fruitful conversation among scholars working on all aspects of the long historiographic, literary, and artistic Brut tradition. It is the first scholarly conference about the Brut tradition as a whole. In the heart of New Troy, we seek to provide a forum for comparative, multilingual, cross-period, and cross-disciplinary discussion of Brut-related texts and manuscripts, both canonical and less familiar, and by no means limited to 'legendary' material.