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Conference: Brut in New Troy 2020
26-29 June 2020
Fischer Hall, 1 Suffolk Street, London (next to Trafalgar Square)

For centuries, the 'standard' version of Britain’s history held that the realm was founded by an exiled descendant of Aeneas called Brut (or Brutus), who came to the island with a band of Trojans, defeated the giants living there, named it after himself, and established the capital city of New Troy, later known as London.

This four-day conference aims to promote fruitful conversation among scholars working on all aspects of the long historiographic, literary, and artistic Brut tradition. It is the first scholarly conference about the Brut tradition as a whole. In the heart of New Troy, we seek to provide a forum for comparative, multilingual, cross-period, and cross-disciplinary discussion of Brut-related texts and manuscripts, both canonical and less familiar, and by no means limited to 'legendary' material. 

Please see the call for papers, here. The deadline for submission of abstracts is 15 October 2019. 

For full information please visit the conference website:

Image: Brut conquers Britain and builds New Troy (London). London, British Library, MS Harley 1808, fol. 30v. © British Library.