The Ning Po- Hong Kong Scholarship

About the award

Level: Undergraduate
Course: Any full-time undergraduate programme
Country: Hong Kong
Value: Full tuition fees, flights and living costs
No. of awards: Several
Deadline: 30th June (UCAS deadline)

More information

The Ning Po-Hong Kong Scholarship covers the full costs for several undergraduate students per year. This scholarship is funded through an alumni donation and will cover the full costs of students from Ning Po College (or Ning Po No. 2 College) in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong.

The award

The scholarship covers 3 return flights per year, full tuition fees, living costs and other expenses. If required, the scholar can also attend a pre-sessional English course at no extra cost.


To be eligible for the scholarship applicants must:

  • Have received an unconditional offer from Queen Mary for full-time study on an undergraduate course
  • be a student at either Ning Po College or Ning Po No.2 College, both based in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

How to apply?

There is no separate application for the scholarship. Candidates should apply via UCAS for the course before the 30th June deadline. Those from Ning Po College will be identified and contacted about the award. Candidates can also highlight their application to the International Office by emailing 

Meet our Scholar

Our Ning Po scholar, Wai Tat Lai arrived to start his BSc Physics in September 2017. We asked him a few questions about his scholarship and time at Queen Mary so far. His answers are below. 

How did you chose your course?

I chose this course just because of my interest which has been established since my childhood. When I was a child, my father always shared his story with me. Our family use to be boat dwellers in Hong Kong, which is my hometown. He told me that they could always see the twinkling and countless stars cohering on the night sky and even the Milky Way. Moreover, he always bought me books about our universe (with many pictures of course). Even before I started formal school life, I developed enthusiasm on mathematics and physics, I love solving problems through logic flow and mathematics.

Are you enjoying your course? 

Yes, I enjoy my course. There are two reasons. First, I can do the experiments practically with professional apparatuses. The course provides me lots of chances to try using advanced instruments to make more accurate measurements, this makes me very excited. 

Second, the course has enough materials to support my study. For example, I can always find the suitable reference books from the library and there are plenty of exercises for the specific topics and past papers. I find these exercises very useful for my examination preparation. 

What do you most enjoy about Queen Mary and London? 

I most enjoy my schoolmates, the architecture and the views around Queen Mary and London. I enjoy the time with my schoolmates as we can always share our opinions and solve the difficult problems, this sense of accomplishment is very fulfilling. Furthermore, I love traveling around London mainly because I am fond of the traditional western architecture and buildings. Also, there are a lot of renowned landmarks located in London, like the Buckingham Palace and Westminster. 

What is your advice to people from your college thinking of applying? 

QMUL provides a wide variety of courses from which you can choose but the content of a course can be very different from different university, thus you need to think very carefully which one is the most suitable for you. Moreover, studying in QMUL means that you need to leave your comfort zone, I would suggest you to have a discussion with your family, teachers and friends as getting their support is relly motivating once you have decided to come.

Last but not least, while you are considering whether you apply for QMUL, you should plan what you want to do after university. If you want to work in United Kingdom after graduation, Ning Po Scholarship is undoubtedly a golden opportunity. If you might return to Hong Kong after graduation, then you need to consider whether your desired degree is approved generally in Hong Kong. If it is, studying for QMULwill provide you countless chances to meet different people from the world and learn and experience the foreign cultures, which is priceless for your future development.