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School of Economics and Finance Scholarships (UG)

About the award

Level: Undergraduate
Course: See full list of 13 eligible degrees here
Country: All
Value: £3,000 (for first year only)
No. of awards: 15
Deadline: Automatic process (no need to apply)

More information

The School of Economics and Finance has 15 Excellence Scholarships available to Home, EU and Overseas students. The Scholarships are available for the following degrees:

  • Economics (L100)
  • Economics with Year Abroad (L10Y)
  • Economics and Finance (LN13)
  • Economics and Finance with Year Abroad (LN3Y)
  • Economics and Finance with Year in Industry (L1N3)
  • Economics and International Finance (L13N)
  • Economics and International Finance with Year Abroad (L1NY)
  • Economics, Finance and Management (LN12)
  • Economics, Finance and Management with Year Abroad (LN2Y)
  • Economics and Politics (LL12)
  • Economics and Politics with Year Abroad (LL2Y)
  • Economics, Statistics and Mathematics (LG11)
  • Economics, Statistics and Mathematics with Year Abroad (LG1Y)

Each Scholarship is worth £3,000 in the first year of study.  The Scholarships will be awarded as applications come in on the basis of academic excellence (applicants will typically need predicted grades of at least A*AA at A-levels, IB 40 points or equivalent in order to be considered for an award).

You do not need to apply for these scholarship separately as every applicant for a place on the degrees listed above will be considered automatically.

If you have any questions about Excellence Scholarships, please contact Claire Cooper, Undergraduate Programme Manager:


Full details are published at

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