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Science and Engineering Excellence Scholarships (UG)

About the award

Level: Undergraduate
Course: All undergraduate degree programmes in the Science and Engineering Faculty.
Country: EU, United Kingdom
Value: £3,000 a year for each year of study (subject to progression criteria)
No. of awards: Unlimited
Deadline: Automatic entry following A-level (or equivalent) results

More information

This is for 2018 entry. Updated scholarships for 2019 entry will be added to this site in September

Queen Mary is pleased to offer an unlimited number* of Science and Engineering Excellence Awards for 2018/19 to Home/EU undergraduate students. 

*School of Biological and Chemical Sciences will offer a maximum of 25 Excellence awards in 2018/9.

Queen Mary Science and Engineering Excellence Scholarships' have a value of £3,000 a year for each year of study, paid directly to you – a total of up to £9,000 over a three-year course if renewal criteria is met (or £12,000 for MEng/MSci students). They will be available for Schools within the Faculty of Science and Engineering. 

This scholarship is worth £3,000 a year for each year of study, paid directly to you – a total of up to £9,000 over a three-year course if renewal criteria is met (or £12,000 for MEng/MSci students). To be eligible to receive the scholarship students must have achieved grades of A*AA at A-Level, 36 IB points (766 HL).

How do I apply?

There is no need to complete a separate application form to be considered for the Science and Engineering Excellence Award. Successful candidates will be informed of their award via email notification from the Science and Engineering Faculty Office. To receive this scholarship, you must confirm Queen Mary as your firm choice.

Eligibility criteria

  1. You must have achieved grades of
    • A*AA in key A-levels, or
    • 36 points in the International Baccalaureate (766 HL).
  2. You must be eligible to pay Home/EU tuition fees.
  3. This scheme is available only to students who apply for and enrol in an eligible course in the Faculty of Science and Engineering in the 2018/19 academic year.
  4. The qualifying grades must be in the subjects expressed in the offer of admission.
  5. An unlimited number of Excellence Scholarships will be awarded to the highest-achieving applicants who accept Queen Mary as their firm choice, and who achieve at least A*AA (or equivalent) in the eligible programmes listed above.
  6. The Science and Engineering Foundation Programme does NOT form part of the Scholarship scheme (for Home/EU students).
  7. Our policy on payment of the Scholarship during years in industry and study abroad is under consideration.
  8. Please note the award amount will not increase during your studies, but may decrease in proportion with any decreases in regulated fees in future years.
  9. Payment of the Scholarship for the first year is automatic for all of those with the requisite entry qualifications described above. Payment in subsequent years is contingent on an overall academic achievement mark of above 80% in each year of study at Queen Mary (i.e. you must achieve an overall mark of above 80% in every progression year to maintain the Scholarship).
  10. If you take a year in industry, credit-bearing modules for this year count towards your average grade and therefore count towards the progressing criteria.
  11. This scholarship scheme operates independently of the Queen Mary Bursary Scheme. You could receive more than one award.

Students who have queries regarding their academic achievement for the year should contact their School. Where a student experiences extenuating circumstances that affect academic performance or progress, continued receipt of an award will be considered within the University's existing extenuating circumstances procedures.

Please note School scholarships are subject to university-wide Terms and Conditions as well as any course/School/Faculty conditions or criteria outline.

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