Science & Engineering Widening Participation Scholarships (UG)

About the award

Level: Undergraduate
Course: Undergraduate degrees taught within the Faculty of Science and Engineering (please see exceptions below)
Country: EU, Home
Value: £3,000
No. of awards: 5
Deadline: 1st May 2020

More information

The Science & Engineering Widening Participation Scholarships are for students who have demonstrated that they are passionate about supporting and enhancing the outreach work of QMUL to the local community. This is aimed to support QMUL's work providing a university education of the highest quality to a diverse population of students, including many from backgrounds lacking financial or social privileges. 

Scholarship Value

The Scholarship is a one-off award in the first year of the undergradaute programme. The Scholarship is worth £3,000, and will be delivered as a cash payment (bursary).

How do I apply?

There is no need to complete a separate application form to be considered for a Science & Engineering Widening Participation Scholarships. Students will be considered for an award on the basis of the information they provide in their online application to Queen Mary. Successful candidates will be informed of their award via email notification from the Science and Engineering Faculty Office.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Students must be eligible to pay Home tuition fees;
  2. Students must be paying full tuition fees (i.e. not in receipt of another scholarship);
  3. Students must be enrolling in year 1 (i.e. transfers into year 2 or advanced entry are not eligible);
  4. This is a one-off payment in your first year. You must be able to finance the remainder of your tuition fees and living expenses;
  5. Students must select QM as First Choice;
  6. Students undertaking the Science and Engineering Foundation programme are not eligible for this Scholarship either in their foundation year or upon progression to Year 1. Students taking non-Queen Mary Foundation Programmes should contact the admissions office to discuss;
  7. Students must have engaged with at least one QMUL outreach activity;
  8. Students must complete an application form (check back to this page for details in February).


 In addition, students must meet 2 of the following criteria:

  1. Reside in a POLAR4 Quintile 1 postcode or reside in an area with high deprivation (defined as IMD Q1 or 2);
  2. Parents/guardians have not attended higher education;
  3. Previously or currently eligible for free school meals;
  4. Have a disability;
  5. Have lived, or are currently living, in local authority care.

Ineligible programmes

Some course are partly taught in the Faculty of Science and Engineering and partly taught in other Schools. The following jointly-taught courses are not eligible for the Science & Engineering Excellence Award:

  • BSc(Eng) DL Telecommunications Engineering with Management -BUPT
  • BSc(Eng) DL e-Commerce Engineering with Law -BUPT
  • BSc(Eng) DL Internet of Things Engineering -BUPT
  • BSc Computer Science with Management (ITMB)
  • BSc DL Biomedical Sciences (with Nanchang)
  • BSc Mathematics with Finance and Accounting
  • BSc Maths, Stats and Financial Economics
  • BSc Mathematics with Management
  • BEng FT Mechanical Engineering with Management
  • BEng FT Aerospace Engineering with Management
  • BEng FT Biomedical Engineering with Management
  • BSc FT Neuroscience
  • BSc FT Pharmacology and Innovative Therapeutics
  • BSc FT Biomedical Sciences