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EPSRC Plastic Electronics CDT

About the award

Level: PhD
Course: Physics, Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering
Country: EU, Home
Value: Full tuition fee and living stipend
No. of awards: 20
Deadline: There are 4 deadlines with the final one 22nd April 2018

More information

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The field of printable electronics is a growth area, nationally and globally, as evidenced by the rapidly expanding organic display and printed electronics industries. Skilled researchers are in demand upstream by materials suppliers, and downstream by device manufacturers and optoelectronics companies, as well as by printing and coating equipment manufacturers.

The Plastic Electronics CDT offers MRes and PhD courses in plastic electronics, tought by academics from Imperial College, Oxford University, and Queen Mary University of London.  These courses cover the breadth of disciplines within printable electronics, including materials physics, optoelectronics, physical chemistry, device engineering and modelling, as well as the design, synthesis and processing of molecular electronic materials. 

CDT students first take a 12 month MRes programme, the MRes in Plastic Electronic Materials. This course teaches the physics, chemistry, materials science and device engineering of plastic electronic materials. The MRes also involves an interdisciplinary research project, which continues through the PhD. Students receive hands-on training through Advanced & Practical Skills Courses, in diverse areas including microscopy, printing and processing, device fabrication, and molecular modelling.

During the PhD (3 years), students pursue their chosen research area in depth, under the guidance of two supervisors from different disciplines. There is also continuing participation in advanced courses and professional skills development.

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