School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Drug Design and Development

Module code: CHE406U

Credits: 15.0
Semester: SEM1

  • Semester 1: Weeks 10: Tuesday 3 pm - 5 pm
  • Semester 1: Monday 2 pm - 4 pm
  • Semester 1: Weeks 10: Thursday 11 am - 1 pm
  • Semester 1: Weeks 3, 6, 12: Tuesday 3 pm - 5 pm

Contact: Prof Marina Resmini
Overlap: None
Prerequisite: None

This module is designed for students in the fourth year of the F152 MSci programme in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and will be offered as an option. Pre-requisite 18 modules passed in F152. The aim of the module is to introduce you to the approaches currently employed in the pharmaceutical industry for drug discovery and development using a number of recent case studies as exemplars. The module will introduce you to the physical and chemical approaches used in the design and development of new drugs and will make them aware of the physiological/pharmacological issues that need to be considered before a drug can be used clinically.

Connected course(s): UDF DATA
Assessment: 90.0% Examination, 10.0% Coursework
Level: 7