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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Ye Cao


PhD student



Project title: Manganese catalysed reduction of dioxygen to hydrogen peroxide for the degradation of Bisphenols: Kinetics study, degradation pathways, mechanisms and influencing factors.

Summary: We introduce Manganese to catalyze the reduction of dioxygen by hydroxylamine into hydrogen peroxide. In this system, the degradation rate of typical Bisphenols will be researched. In the mean time, we will establish some mathematical models to study the kinetics during the reaction to explain the degradation process better. In addition, we plan to give a reasonable explanation about the degradation difference between different Bisphenols through their degradation pathways and structural analysis. Moreover, the effects of manganese dosage, initial pollutant concentration, and coexisting inorganic anions on degradation rate will be evaluated. Finally, the possible reaction mechanisms in this system will be proposed through the analysis above.