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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Yajun Yue


PhD student



Project title: Structure and Conductivity In New Solid Electrolytes For IT-SOFCs

Summary: Significant research effort is going in to developing oxide ion conducting solid electrolytes that operate in the intermediate temperature range (500-700 deg C). Despite question marks over their stability electrolytes based on bismuth oxide show great promise in this area. The BIMEVOX family of solid electrolytes are a group of materials based on cation substitution in Bi4V2O11. They exhibit exceptionally high oxide ion conductivities at relativey low temperatures. However, there are still many problems with these materials when it comes to their processing. There are also many questions over the structural details that remain to be answered.  It is known that disorder in the structure is a major factor in the high conductivity exhibited in these systems. In many related systems co-substitution van lead to enhanced stability and materials processing. The present work will focus on new BIMEVOX compositions in order to obtain materials with superior stability and processing characteristics. Details of defect structure will be examined by total scattering methods in order to firmly establish the structure conductivity relationship.