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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

William Neal


PhD student



Project title: Nanoscale bioelectronics for point-of-care diagnostics and wearable devices

Summary: The uncovering of biomarkers holds great potential in the early detection of disease and physiological dysfunction, and miniaturized/portable sensing apparatuses can allow for continuous functionality in diagnostic or treatment. Low-cost processability and multipurpose analysis capability are among the most sought–out features that a device would need to possess to tackle the global Biosensor market. In this project, I will combine expertise in conducting polymer synthesis with nanoscale device assembly and fabrication, to develop novel bioelectronic platforms for point-of-care diagnostics and wearable applications. I will build upon initial work on designing semiconducting polymers for bioelectronic applications and the fabrication of multiplexed sensing devices. As a proof of concept, I will demonstrate real-time monitoring of multiple biomarkers on the same chip.