School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Victoria Kemp


PhD student



Project title: Using stable isotopes to link biogeochemical processes to biodiversity of conservation

Summary: During my PhD I am investigating the effects of fragmentation on above-below ground linkages at the S.A.F.E project in Sabah, Borneo. I will use Stable Isotope Analysis to track Carbon from the grazing (green) and detrital (brown) food chains up to bats (apex predators), routing through invertebrate prey  I will use standard δ13C- δ15N bi-plots to represent food webs across habitats with different degrees of perturbation, aiming to uncover patterns of change in the relative position of different trophic groups. I will also apply a suite of metrics to quantify changes in the breadth of resource use within bat populations and communities across the gradient. This will give an indication of the changing trophic ecology of the resilient species and assemblages, information which is important for predicting the future stability of communities.   

I am working with the LOMBOK consortium under the NERC funded Human Modified Tropical Forests (HMTF) project. The results of this investigation will inform policy on biodiversity conservation, particularly testing the assumptions underlying the targets of policy to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+).