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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Saltanat Toiganbayeva


PhD student



Project title: Synthesis of new fluoro-organic materials for luminescence applications

Summary: The main aim of the project is to prepare and characterise new materials designed for use in infrared and visible light emitting devices (e.g. optical amplifiers, light emitting diodes, lasers) with efficient transformation of energy.  Metal complexes containing highly fluorinated (or chlorinated) ligands have several advantages over their hydrogen-containing counterparts. The lower vibrational frequency of C–halogen compared with C–H greatly reduces the vibrational quenching of electronically excited lanthanide ions such as Er3+, Nd3+ and Yb3+, thus allowing maximum emission of IR light at useful telecommunications wavelengths, whilst avoiding unwanted heat production.1-6 Fluoro-organic materials are often relatively volatile and thermally stable, making them suitable for device fabrication by vacuum deposition. Fluorination of aromatic substances can improve their ability to act as electron transport materials and also promote intersystem crossing, thus allowing greater participation by triplet excited states in the photosensitisation process.