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School of Biological and Chemical Sciences

Peng Ren

PhD student



Project title: New Li+ ion conducing solid electrolytes for all solid state batteries

Summary: Most commercial Li-ion batteries employ flammable liquid electrolytes. There are significant concerns regarding the safety of these systems particularly in safety critical applications such as aircraft. Use of an all-solid construction avods these safety issues. However, while materials have been developed which show fast Li-ion conductivity in the solid state, most of these are based on sulfides, which due to their air sensitivity limit their commercial potential. Oxide based systems are comparatively easy to process industrially, but often show lower ionic conductivities. In this project the development and characterisation of new fast ion conducting electrolyte materials for use in all solid state Li ion batteries will be carried out. Initial work will focus on promising perovskite and garnet oxides. In addition to the synthetic development, the work will involve electrical and structural characterisation, with a view to constructing test cells in the latter stages of the project.